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    A series of robots designed to hunt down and eliminate Spider-Man. The original Spider-Slayers were funded by J. Jonah Jameson and created by Spencer Smythe. Since then, Marla Madison and Alistair Smythe have created the robots.

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    Version I

    The first Spider-Slayer was designed and built by Professor Spencer Smythe. Smythe was a mild-mannered inventor who was inspired by Jameson's anti-Spidey editorials in the Daily Bugle. Believing that Spider-Man was a menace, Smythe created the first Spider-Slayer robot. Peter Parker decided to go even with Jameson by making money photographing the fight between the robot and Spider-Man, so he convinced the publisher to let Smythe demonstration his invention. However, Peter soon realized that this was a mistake. The robot possessed incredible fighting capabilities and eventually trapped Spider-Man within its steel cables. While the robot chased Spider-Man, he was eventually caught in the steel cables. Fortunately, he managed to use his sticky fingers to remove the panels, enabling him to rearrange the circuits so he could escape.

    Version II

    Smythe, humiliated by his failure, went back to the lab and created a new Spider-Slayer with deadlier weapons and more sophisticated sensors. But Jameson and Smythe had an argument as soon as the publisher realized that this model was designed to kill Spider-Man, rather than capture him. The web-head outwitted the new robot by leading it back to Smythe's lab where he caused it to malfunction and explode.

    Version III

    By this point, Smythe thought that his previous two Spider-Slayers had failed because they were shaped like humans. So, he instead built a spider shaped Spider-Slayer rather than a human shaped one. Although it appeared that the purpose of this one was to kill Spider-Man, Smythe overrode Jameson's controls and got the Slayer to take the master control unit of some video cameras that had recently been installed all over New York.

    Version IV

    With the master control unit of the video cameras, Smythe now thought that he could accomplish any crime, since he could use the video cameras to see if the police approached. Smythe also unleashed his fourth Spider-Slayer, which was a larger version of Version III, enabling Smythe to ride inside it. This Slayer successfully captured Spider-Man, although he managed to escape, as Smythe was too preoccupied with his master plan to stop Spider-Man.

    Version V

    By now, Smythe was a wanted criminal, so Jameson could no longer use him to make Spider-Slayers. Instead, he hired the electro biologist Marla Madison (who ended up being his wife) to make a Spider-Slayer. This Spider-Slayer was similar to Version II, but had devices in its chestplate to negate several of Spider-Man's powers. Spider-Man managed to trap this Spider-Slayer under a statue.

    Version VI

    The final Spider-Slayer that Spencer Smythe created, Version VI was yet another spider shaped robot. This Spider-Slayer was designed solely to capture Spider-Man, as Smythe had plans for both him and J. Jonah Jameson. This Spider-Slayer did succeed in doing the job it was made for, but was destroyed in the process. Smythe died shortly after this Slayer was made.

    Version VII

    Tabbing it the most indestructible Spider-Slayer of all time didn't matter much in the end for Spencer Smythe as this was his last Spider-Slayer he created before his death. This Slayer fell many stories to the street while fighting Spider-Man on a tall building...It was forever destroyed.

    Other Spider-Slayers have been made by Spencer Smythe's son, Alistair Smythe.

    Version VIII

    In the form of a Flying Saucer, this Spider-Slayer had the ability to fly of course...It included several weapons including Laser Guns, Extendable Claws, and Metallic Whips . Spider-Man lured this Slayer to fly into power lines and it short circuited the systems on-board.

    Version IX

    The first true Slayer that Alistaire created was a gigantic robot that was operated within by Smythe...It had enormous limbs that could extend many stories as well as "loaded" fingers that could shoot coils or ethyl chloride. Spider-Man smashed the gigantic robot open after the Slayer attacked Mary Jane Watson.

    Invastion of the Spider-Slayers Version I

    The first Spider-Slayer that Spider-Man encountered during the Invasion of the Spider-Slayers story-line was an alien like robot with razor sharp talons and tail...It also had an extendable razor inside its body it used to cut through Spidey's webbing. A street worked used a jackhammer on its head and shorted this Slayer out...Spider-Man then tore it's head off.

    Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Version II

    This Slayer had the ability of flight as well as using its sharp talons and extendable tail spikes as weapons...It had a slippery surface to deflect Spidey's webbing and emitted metallic bolts from its "beak".

    Spider-Man simply smashed it's head in and shorted it out...Not exactly one of the more powerful Slayers!

    Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Version III

    Referred as: "Dark Ironman" had the power of flight from use of it's boot rockets...It was also very agile & powerful...It emitted head-blasts and had a firearm in place of a right hand/ limb.

    Spider-Man unloaded 2 full web cartridges on this Slayer holding it firm until the building they were fighting in collapsed on top of him after blowing up.

    Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Version IV

    First thought to be a non-robot, this Slayer was Super Strong with Shape Shifting abilities. Spider-Man's arch nemesis, The Scorpion used it's tail and channeled electricity into the robot thereby destroying it...The Scorpion got a "charge" out of it as well!

    Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Version V

    This Slayer had 3 personalities courtesy of a captive of Smythe's named Max Young, another robotic field genius...The Slayer itself had Jet pack which enabled flight and was Super Strong...Weapons used were Blasts that it emitted from it's fingertips and hooks that sprang from its hands.

    Spider-Man's talked this Slayers 3 personalities to quarrel with themselves...It eventually blasted it's own head off.

    Invasion of the Spider-Slayers Version VI-VIII

    This Slayer was pretty simple in that it had Razor like retractable arms...It eventually formed a larger & stronger Slayer with Invasion Slayers VII & VIII.

    Both of these "brothers" had pinchers and sharp legs as well as being Super Strong...Tarantula had great jumping abilities and the Scorpion had a Tail Spike. Spider-Man and the Black Cat used electricity to short out the combined efforts of Spider-Slayers VI, VII, & VIII...Its insides went on fire as a result.

    Cyber Slayers

    These Slayers were actually Cybernetic Cyber-Slayers controlled with a visor during the "Cyberwar" 4 part story-line running in the Scarlet Spider issue #2's...They were basically just brute forces with razor sharp edges on their body with super strength.

    • Alistair Smythe was defeated by Doctor Octopus II over control of the visor that cybernetically controls the Cyber Slayers...The visor was subsequently destroyed in a fight with the Scarlet Spider.
    • Spider-Slayers Revenge
    • This Slayer is a minature killing machine that is mentally controled by Alister. Able to paralyze and mind wipe its victims

      Despite the power and numbers of the mini slayers, Spider-man was able defeat the slayers through several means from crushing them to short circuit them. He finally took them all out when he destroyed the Emotion Slayer. Which was powering all of them.

    • The Slayer was able to mentally link with Spider-man's emotions. In order to learn of those he cared for and loved. That way the slayer and its army of Mini-slayers would be able to lock on them and kill them.

      Spider-man used the slayer's powers to his advantage. He was able to shatter the slayer with his fists and its own lazer blasts. In doing so the other Mini-slayers were destroyed.

    • Micro Slayer

    These Slayers were able to attack in swarms and destroy or rebuild things on contact

    Both Spider-man and She-hulk were able to destroy them after they defeated Scorpion who was using them from Smythe.

    Alchemax Spider Slayers

    Designed by Tiberious Stone and funded by J. Jonah Jameson and license by Alchemax. These Spider Slayers are large robotic units similar to S.H.I.E.L.D. mandroids that are remote controlled with limited A.I. functions. The controller's face can appear on their screens.

    Other Realites

    House of M

    In Spider-Man: House of M, a revenge-obsessed J. Jonah Jameson hired a Sapien scientist Dr. Allistaire Smythe to build a Spider Slayer to take out Spider-Man's family, the Parkers (Gwen, Ben, and George), but was defeated by using web-shooters on the robot. It had six hands and had a little monitor with Jameson's face on it. The machine was destroyed by Spider-man after it attacked his family.


    This Slayer was from an alternate reality in the pages of Spider-Girl...It was very similar to the first Spider-Slayer and had use of coils and sensors. Similar to the results of Amazing Spider-Man #25, this world's Spider-Man also left his costume behind to taunt Jameson and Smythe after defeating the Slayer.

    Earth 1610 - Ultimate Universe

    This series of Spider-Slayes in this universe were created by the Tinkerer under the orders of General Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. to employ if Spider-Man went rogue. When various clones of Spider-Man went rampant Nick Fury and a squad of Spider-Slayers went to the Parker residence to capture Peter Parker only to be confronted by the Fantastic Four and Carnage. The Spider-Slayers manage to defeat Carnage and revert the symbiote back to Gwen Stacy. The Spider-Slayers later kill Kaine and capture and imprison McGargan.


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