Spider-Men II #4

    Spider-Men II » Spider-Men II #4 - Part Four released by Marvel on January 2018.

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    Miles vs. Miles!

    Flashback scene: The older, mysterious Miles Morales is seen sitting at a funeral: his partner, Barbara's funeral. The Kingpin shows up, consoling him, sharing stories about when he had lost his partner, Vanessa. The Kingpin tells Miles to never lose hope, and says that no one is truly gone. That Vanessa and Barbara are still alive, just somewhere else.

    Back to present time: Miles, his friends, and Barbara Rodriguez are discussing about the robot head that showed up out of nowhere. Barbara thanks Miles for saving her from it, and asks him to trust her if ever he wanted to tell her what he truly is.

    Later, as Miles contemplates whether telling her is a good idea or not, he is swinging around looking for clues about the robot head. He then spots Taskmaster, shooting and killing guards on the rooftop of a building, and then escaping onto a plane. Miles swings under the plane, following Taskmaster, and calls Spider-Man (Peter Parker) telling him he should meet him.

    The plane lands and Taskmaster is seen near a cargo shipyard, waiting for someone. Miles and Peter are onlooking, believing Taskmaster is waiting for the older Miles Morales. A plane arrives, and a mysterious woman tells Taskmaster to come on board. At the same time, Taskmaster notices Miles and Peter, and detonates a bomb that was already put in place, knocking out Miles and Peter unconscious.

    The older Miles Morales exits the plane and Taskmaster tells him he lured the two Spider-Men, and points towards Miles, saying he is the one who has been investigating about the older Miles Morales.

    Unmasked, the two Spider-Men wake up, realizing they are tied up, and notice the plane leaving, with Taskmaster in it.

    As the plane takes off, Taskmaster gives a device to Miles Morales, telling him it allows to travel to different dimensions, dimensions where Barbara might still be alive. Miles Morales tells Taskmaster that he must go there and find Barbara.

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    RegRegular CoverSara Pichelli & Morry Hollowell1
    VarConnecting Variant Cover DJesus Saiz2


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