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Spider-Men #4 - Oh God the Feels

The Good:

Oh god the feels. I felt like this issue made this entire crossover worth it. I loved Peter's interactions with Gwen and May and it just broke my heart when he was talking to Gwen about his Gwen. Spider-men is consistently being one of my favorite books each month and I'm going to be really depressed when it ends. Also I'm so happy that they finally addressed the two Nick Furys. Also I had forgotten how different Ultimate Tony was from 616 Tony, it was hilarious.

The Bad:

I do have a bit of problem about when this is occurring, it is clearly after the events of what is currently happening is Ultimate Spider-man but because we don't know what's going to happen I felt a bit lost. I also felt that Peter acted oddly the little bit he saw of Ultimate MJ. I get that she liked her him but he doesn't know that he likes his her so it just felt odd (that was really odd to write). I also felt that MJ was kind of forced into the issue just because she's a supporting cast to Ultimate Spider-man.



One of the most touching moments in comics I've ever read and it was a moment I'd been waiting for since this series started. I really can't wait for the next issue of this series to see how it concludes.

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