Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #1

    Spider-Man/Fantastic Four » Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #1 - Crisis on Campus released by Marvel on September 2010.

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    The creative team behind the sellout X-Men/Spider-Man miniseries returns for a brand new tour through classic Marvel moments! Each of our four issues will reveal a heretofore untold team-up between Spidey and the Fantastic Four at a different point in Marvel history, with a mysterious common thread binding them all together. This issue, savor a scintillating saga from the Silver Age as that diabolical despot, Dr. Doom, participates in an international peace conference at Empire State University...and demands the Fantastic Four act as his bodyguards! When the Sub-Mariner arrives seeking vengeance on Doom, Spidey is caught in the middle...and then things get complicated! Gwen Stacy...Atlantean armies...giant walking whales...face it, pilgrim: this one you must not miss! 'Nuff said!

    Plot Summary

    At Empire State University, members of the Fantastic Four are in an auditorium to meet General Ross and Dr. Doom. They claim to be there for a secret conference of world leaders and to negotiate non-aggression treaties among countries. Dr Doom and Gen. Ross say they called the Fantastic Four there for security duty and they reluctantly agree. After spitting some harsh words between the groups they split up and start on security detail.

    Outside Ben and Johnny are crowd surfing when they're met by Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Johnny hits on Gwen and Peter leaves. Shortly thereafter, Spider-Man joins the party and begins to give Johnny a hard time.

    As they're arguing, a massive Atlantean army shows up lead by Namor and his Atlantean army. They call out Dr. Doom for a battle of revenge while those remaining supers try to calm Namor down. Johnny runs inside to warn the others and Dr. Doom pulls a trick. Dr. Doom switches Johnny bodies and locks him inside while he heads out in Johnny's body. He starts setting things on fire and getting closer and closer to the Atlantean army. While Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four try to subdue Dr Doom's wrath Namor inches closer with his army. Knowing this isn't going to solve anything Spider-Man heads into coax Johnny out in Dr. Dooms body.

    They go over possible strategies to end the conflict and head outside. Spider-Man heads for Johnny's body (Dr. Doom) and plays a news conference. On the television Dr. Doom (Johnny) is signing peace treaties for pennies on the dollar and humiliating Von Doom's reputation. Johnny rushes back inside demanding that they switch back.

    Namor, realizing that he's won the battle, backs off and offers Sue Storm a gift. Reed, not knowing what is going on, steps up to Namor and inquires what the gift is for--reminding him that she's already spoken for. Sub-mariner says that it's merely a wedding gift and that the news has reached the bottom of the seas.

    Back inside Dr. Doom and Mr. Storm have returned to their normal bodies and negated the treaties signed by the wolf in sheep's clothing.



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    Diplomacy of Fire 0

    The Story - Dr. Doom is in NY as head of state (Monach of Latveria) to sign treaties with other diplomats and his only demands are that the Fantastic Four provides him security?!? Spider-Man joins the party in the Empire University Campus when Namor and his minions come for vengeance. Why this book is awesome - This comic book has all the great ingredients for a fun and interesting story: a simple narrative (bunch of heroes fighting villains to avoid damage), great dialogues (specially the one...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    The Un-United Nations 0

    SynopsisSpider-Man and the Fantastic Four join forces to stop a fight between Namor and Dr. Doom? Really? That's it? The strangest part of this is that this is a "1 of 4" series. The story is already wrapped up and there wasn't the infamous cliffhanger at the end making your wait for the next issue in the series. This title could easily have been a one-shot.  The GoodThe part I enjoyed most in this book is the attempt at humor with Human Torch and Spidey. They teased each other and pulled a fast...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Disney Diplomacy 0

    THE BASICSNamor has a bone to pick with Doctor Doom and picks Victor's visit to ESU as the time to strike. Given the title of the series, it's not hard to guess who gets caught in the middle.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFThis first issue feels a whole lot like Dan Slott's Spider-Man and The Human Torch series, which is very much to my liking. It's lighthearted, goofy fun prominently featuring two wisecracking heroes in a dangerous situation. Not to mention the fact that Doom is the main antagonist ...

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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