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Duck And Cover


An in depth look at the creation of one of Spider-Man's greatest foes, going all the way back to his childhood.


  • Kaare Andrews is awesome. He's a great story teller. The mind behind the fantastic " Spider-Man: Reign", Andrews excels in telling dark and horrifying stories. While he may not be penning the script for this tale, he's just as capable of telling a story with his drawings as he is with words. I could insert numerous examples of fantastic art from this issue. Each panel is a masterpiece of disturbing, chilling, and unnerving imagery. Even if Wells' script was bad (it's not), Andrews' art would easily make this book worth the read and then some. This story takes place in a messed up world and the art reflects that wonderfully as we get to see the world through a young Octavious's eyes. Pay particular attention to the eyes and shadows of those he fears or is intimidated by.

  • Zeb Wells is no slouch either. A writer of more than considerable talent (who would later go on to write the fantastically dark " Spider-Man: Shed") Wells creates a disturbingly vivid world that's both familiar and foreign at the same time. We get to see the early life of Otto Octavious as he tries to make sense of the world around him. A world where fear of nuclear attack runs the life of many who surround him, where he's beaten because of his gifted mind, and where his father is the representation of pure evil. Not unlike Da Vinci centuries before him, Otto is a mind of unfathomable intellect that no doubt could be used for the betterment of the world in multiple ways. Unfortunately, the aforementioned circumstances surrounding his life develop in him a disgust for those who surround him and a skewed view of how to use his gift. It's a tragic unraveling of the mind that we get to observe from the start and it's brilliantly done.

 Actually, radiation poisoning doesn't sound like such a bad alternative to looking you in the face.
 Actually, radiation poisoning doesn't sound like such a bad alternative to looking you in the face.
  • While separately both the story and the art are great and worth the price of admission individually, what really makes this comic so fantastic is how Wells and Andrews work together. The mood of the story is emphasized perfectly by Andrews' art and his art is complimented wonderfully by Wells' story. The two styles come together in a combination that rivals the work of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale at their best. They come together to create a dark and tragic story that I dare you not to feel sympathetic towards Doc Ock after reading. Go on. Just try.


  • I've got nothing.


I really can't praise this issue enough. Even if the rest of this story falls on its face, this first issue is a masterpiece.

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