Spider-Man was created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He has since become the most popular comic book character from Marvel and one of the most recognizable characters in the world. He has starred in thousands of comics, too many to list, so the following will be a list of his most iconic and best.

Silver Age


Amazing Fantasy #15 - Spider-man

Here you will experience one of the most iconic origin stories ever told, as a teenage boy gains super powers and leans the hard leason, that with great power there must also come great responsibility. Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko.

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Great Power - Amazing Spider-Man #1-17 + Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Great Responsibility - Amazing Spider-Man #18-38, Annual #2

Here you will witness the birth of many of Spider-Man's most iconic villians, including Chameleon, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Electro, Sandman, the Vulture, and Doctor Octopus. This run also features one of the most iconic stories in comics, as the Green Goblin learns Spider-Man's true identity. Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko.

Spider-Man by Stan Lee and John Romita

Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys - Amazing Spider-Man #88-92

After Steve Ditko leaves, he is replaced by the more talented John Romita Sr. This is where Peter Parkers collage years begin. You will be introduced to many iconic characters like, Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, and Marry Jane. New villians will be introduced here as well, such as the Rhino, the Kingpin, and the Shocker. You will see Spider-Man advance and grow throughout this run, as well as some iconic stories that will make any fan of Spider-Man: The Animated Series feel nostalgic.

Bronze Age

Spider-Man by Gerry Conway

Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys - Amazing Spider-Man #121-122

This is the comic book run that ended the Silver age of comics and ushered in the bronze age. With the comics code reformed, you will witness new vampire and werewolf characters, like Morbious the vampire. You will also see one of Spider-Man's biggest stories, as this run also features the night that Gwen Stacy died. Here you will also see the introduction of fan favorite charecter, The Punisher.

Spider-Man by Marv Wolfman

Spider-Man by Marv Wolfman

This run will take place deeper in the bronze age, as Marv Wolfman takes over writing duties, you will witness the birth of Felicia Hardy as the Black Cat. Here you will also see some of Peter's most fierce battles with the Kingpin of crime.

Spider-Man by Roger Stern

Spider-Man by Roger Stern

Nothing Stops the Juggernaut - Amazing Spider-Man #224-230

Hyde & Seek - Amazing Spider-Man #231-232

The kid who collects Spider-Man - Amazing Spider-Man #248

One of the best comic book runs of the 80's, this run features some of Spider-Man's most iconic stories. Here you will see Spiderman and Black Cat attempt to form a romantic relationship. You will witness the birth of a new terrible enemy, the Hobgoblin. Spider-Man will go one on one with the unstoppable Juggernaut. Witness a heartbreaking story, as Spider-Man retells much of his story to a sick child. Lastly, this run also features the debut of Spider-Man's black symbiote costume. Written by Roger Stern with art by John Romita Jr.

Spider-Man by Tom DeFalco

Spider-Man by Tom DeFalco

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga - Amazing Spider-Man #252-263

Whatever happened to Crusher Hogan ? - Amazing Spider-Man #271

Here you will witness some of the most crucial character development between Spider-Man and Mary Jane. You will also see Spider-Man finally tackle the Hobgoblin and the introduction of a character known as the Rose. The Puma will be introduced here as well, and the black costume will become Spider-Man's main costume during this run.

Modern Age

Spider-Man by David Michelinie

Spider-Man by David Michelinie

Venom Strikes Back - Amazing Spider-Man #315-317

Father and sins - Amazing Spider-Man #365

This run will feature the beautiful and now iconic art by Todd McFarlane. Here you will see the birth of Spider-Man's most deadly foes, Venom and Carnage. The wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson also happens during this run. You will also see some famous battles with the Hulk and the Vulture.

Spider-Man by Peter Davis

The Death of Jean DeWolff - Spectacular Spider-Man #107-110, 134-136

Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski

Back in black - Amazing Spider-Man #539-543 + Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17-23, Annual #1

Alternate Timeline: Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man

Death of Spider-Man - Ultimate Spider-Man #156-160

This is a modern day retelling of Spider-Man's classic origin. Spider-Man will be a teenager here, and you will see modern twists to many of his classic villians. This run is a great starting point for people who want to read somthing from the beginning, who don't want to go back and read the old Silver Age stuff.

All New Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection

Further Reading

Kraven's Last Hunt

Kraven's Last Hunt - Web of Spider-Man #31-32 + Amazing Spider-Man #293-294 + Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132

Spider-Man by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

Spider-Man: Blue - Spider-Man: Blue #1-5

The return of Mary Jane

Spider-Man Died in your arms tonight

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

Amazing Spider-Man: Grim Hunt

Spider-Man by Dan Slott

Spider-Man: Big Time

Spider-Man: Spider-Island

Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth

Spider-Man: Dying wish

Superior Spider-Man

Spider Verse


Secret War

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows - Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1-5, Secret Wars: Secret Love #1

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