Will We See Dark Reign in the MCU After the Possible Secret Invasion Storyline?

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There were rumors of Secret Invasion being the big storyline in the MCU after Infinity War, and since the Skrulls played a huge role in both SI and Dark Reign, do you think it might be possible for us to see DR come to the big screen in the near future? Of course, this is all speculative at this point, but that's the purpose of a discussion thread in a forum, to discuss what is possible and what we would like to see.

Personally, I think it's a great opportunity for Marvel to do Norman Osborn their way. The previous portrayals were fine, and while I have much love for William Defoe's brilliant performance, it would be refreshing to see Marvel's take on the character, especially the more political and sinister Norman whose presence alone is far more terrifying than the Goblin. And let's face it, Defoe's Norman was kinda goofy and corny, which fitted the kind of '60s Silver Age Spidey Raimi was trying to portray well enough, but not so much the grittier Modern Age (and Chris Cooper barely left a mark). On a sidenote, since we never got to see that kind of political Luthor on the distinguished competition's side of movies (merely real estate and eccentric Luthor), it would be nice to see it here in the Marvel house.

But the problem is, would Marvel do it? Introduce a familiar antagonist for a third time? We seem to be seeing a sign of Marvel straying away from familiar characters. Mary-Jane and Gwen never made an appearance in Homecoming, the Vulture is someone whom we've never seen before in the movies, so would Marvel delay Norman's appearance or cancel it altogether? It would be a massive disappointment, but I don't think it's impossible for Marvel to do that. We all know the Iron Patriot suit had a different use in Iron Man 3 than in the comics, so for all we know, Secret Invasion and maybe even DR might have nothing to do with Norman at all if Marvel wants it. They could simply rework the story to write him out.

But enough from me. What do you think? Who would you like to see be cast as the new Norman if it's possible for him to appear again? Leave your thoughts down below. :)

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