Who wants to buy Spidey 3 toys?

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The second one would scare the little kiddies at night. It's got this oversized head. How does it keep its head up?! But I can see why they shaped it like a teddy bear.
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So I stopped by Target after work yesterday and was surprised to find one of those cuddley Venoms. I got that and a Spidey for Lil' G-Girl. They're only $3.99 each. Not bad.

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When I went to down to my local comic shop last week, I saw that they had a ton of Spider-Man 3 toys.

My brother only had enough money to get two, but ended up not getting any because he just couldn't decide.

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I saw some of the figures too. They acutally look better than some of the recent figures. Not sure if I'll get any.

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