Which Chameleon is the "true" one?

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Chameleon is different in practically every issue I've ever read with him in, not because he constantly changes his appearance (because well, duh, that's what he is all about), but because he seems to have a different kind of shapeshifting powerset all the time - in the first ones I read he seemed to have been genetically altered so that he's able to change his pigmentation and epidermis giving him shapeshifting powers not too different from Mystique's plus clothes made from some special kind of fabric enabling him to also change clothing at will, but in the latest he has no such powers whatsoever but rather uses masks, having to collect his victims to copy their faces before he could use them. I also recall a third version that didn't actually physically changed his appearance but rather produced illusions to make it look that way - in this way he could even make himself look like different persons to different people simultaneously. So which of these versions is the "true" or most commonly used Cameleon? I prefer those which didn't wear masks because they must be much more practical and because I think that simply wearing masks is kinda lame and not very effective, I don't know if I fully approve of the version that used holograms but on the other hand it would be very practical indeed to be able to appear as different people to different observers. Someone please tell me which powerset is the most commonly used by Chameleon? And which one do you think is the best?

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I think although it was originally masks and a suit he could alter quickly, he later underwent some special procedure where he is able to change his body, clothing, face and voice at will. This is where the facelessness of the character comes from and i believe has been the norm for the character. I think the recent interpretation of him was pretty interesting and dark though. Made the character a little more dangerous in my eyes.

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I think it was the first one

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