Ultimate Spider-man: Who Should Be On The Team?

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To this day, whenever my friends and I talk about Ultimate Spider-man, one of the main things we debate is the formation of the team. I remember when the show was first coming out, there was a lot of skepticism over the decision to team him up with Nova, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and White Tiger (who are you...?!).

With the show halfway through its first season and after seeing the random personality changes made to the characters (yeah I'm looking at you Iron Fist, dammit remember who you are!!), I'm still not sure whether or not these characters were the best fit to pair up with Spidey, so I figured I come on here and see what you guys think. What's your opinion of Ultimate Spidey's team? Do you like the candidates chosen? Which four heroes would you have paired Spidey with if you were in conrtol of the show?

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The team they went with for the show are the least of its problems, to be honest...
The show should be about Spider-Man and how Peter survives the craziness of life as both a teenager and superhero (like the actual ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comics did). I actually liked the idea of him being trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. (as it would make sense and it would be something new) but I would have liked to see Peter on his own for at least the first season, seeing him learn the ropes on his own first and then have Nick Fury come in during the second season and show him the real ropes to how to be a better superhero.
If they wanted to have a show with a team of teenage superheros, they should just do a Young Avengers series, not cram them all into a Spider-Man show and try to still say it's a SPIDER-MAN show... -___-

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@War Killer: Trust me, I totally agree with you, were I in charge of the show, my formula would pretty much be exctly like you described (show Peter alone first and then bring Fury in to recruit him as a SHIELD agent). I could go on for hours on the many faults of the show, but this post was mainly out of curiosity on people's opinion on the team they went with, you gotta admit, of all the heroes to pair Spidey with, that's a pretty random bunch. Assuming the show followed the formula you described, who would you choose to be on Peter's team?

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I would choose Ultimate Kitty Pride to be on the team.

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@CrimsonCake: agreed, I feel she would open up a great love interest storyline for the series, and even instigate a love triangle between him and MJ (she was always my favorite girlfriend for Peter in the comic, I was totally bummed when their relationship ended 2 story arcs later). Honestly my team would consist of Spidey, Kitty, Human Torch, Ice Man, and Hulkling (just to give the team a powerhouse).

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i dont watch crap

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