'The Amazing Spider-Man' Blu-ray/DVD Review

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Let's be clear, this isn't really a review for the movie. We've already reviewed it and chances are, you've already seen it. The movie is making it's way to Blu-ray and DVD on Friday, November 9. The question is, are you going to buy it? Also, should you buy it?

As in theaters, the movie looks good. When the reboot of the franchise was first announced, it felt like an unnecessary direction as we had just gone through Spider-Man's origin. After watching, you can see and appreciate why the decision was made.

The movie was far from perfect but it was a great start for this new franchise. You almost have to wonder how much pre-development they put into it as everything fell together nicely. That is one of the bits you can pick up on the Blu-ray release.

These sort of released rely on the special features. For some, adding comic book releases to their personal collections is a given but that isn't the case for everyone these days.

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There is plenty of extra features to keep you busy. You get close to two hours of behind the scenes development The first is "Right of Passage: The Amazing Spider-Man Reborn." What immediately caught my attention was listening to producer Laura Ziskin talk about the development of this movie. She mentioned how they were originally developing Spider-Man 4 with Tobey Maguire but switched gears to reinvent the franchise. It was mentioned how the main points of Spider-Man's character were already covered including the relationship with Mary Jane. In the first three films, Peter Parker grew up too fast. Now they can go back to high school and change the tone of the franchise.

The second feature here deals with casting the characters. We get to hear the story about how Andrew Garfield was selected and his being unsure if he could do the role. It turns out in was his inner three-year-old that convinced him he had to do it. Watching screen tests is always interesting in seeing what the actors have inside them. Garfield was so at ease with his lines and the delivery. I wonder how much time he had to prepare for it before the cameras were rolling.

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The third sub-feature deals with designing the Spider-Man suit and the Lizard. They wanted a costume that a kid could have actually made. We see that they mention cutting off the bottom of a pair of sneakers for the boots (how does he stick to walls?). There was also mention of using sunglasses for the eyes on the mask and the development of the web shooters. Having Peter develop them himself set to show just how brilliant he was.

The other features deal with the production areas. We see what went down in Los Angeles, Sony Studios and New York City. There's also a feature focusing on the post production period and releasing the movie.

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Of course what many will look forward to are the deleted scenes. The eleven scenes run for a total of just under seventeen minutes. The scene leading up to the death of Uncle Ben was different. Seeing Connors talk to his son, Billy, was strange. There was only one scene showing Billy so you have to wonder if there were others planned that were simply not filmed. We see an almost complete scene when Lizard arrives at the high school through the bathroom pipes. There were a couple of girls in the bathroom and thankfully, this scene was cut out. There was also a shot from the sewer scene with Irrfan Khan's character arriving to try to deal with Connors and take Peter to his boss. Saying to Peter, "Do you have any idea what you are?" makes you wonder what the overall story with Peter, his parents and Oscorp will be.

Another feature is a thirty-nine minute Pre-Visualization look at different scenes. We get to see the storyboards for some and CG sequences of others like the subway, rooftop POV (as seen in the trailer), Lizard in the sewer, battle scenes and more.

An art production gallery is included. This shows the different designs for the characters and costumes. There are a lot to see.

Image Progression Reels features four scenes and runs about twelve minutes. It's interesting to see the Spider-Man/Lizard fight in the high school and how it was all completely CG. A step by step process is shown so we can see how it was all created. There's also features on capturing and recreating Spider-Man's iconic poses, the birth of the Lizard and the battle in the sewer.

Something we don't often see included are stunt rehearsals. There are eight scenes included running just under twelve minutes. We often take these scenes for granted or assume everything is CG these days.

Rounding out the special features is a three and a half minute feature on developing The Amazing Spider-Man video game. The developers from Beenox talk about the differences in making this game compared to the previous Spider-Man ones.

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There is also a second screen app with new content added weekly that you use with an iPad, Sony Tablet or other similar device. This is designed to give you more reasons to watch the movie again and again. There is two interactive modes, timeline and production. Each allows you to explore more with interviews, storyboards and other content that scrolls across your tablet. (You can read more about this feature HERE).

As mentioned, the chances are you'll likely add this to your collection. Even though I had seen the movie a couple times in theaters and didn't one hundred percent love the movie (the Lizard's voice and a couple scenes still bug me a little), I found it so easy to pop this in and watch the movie again. This is Spider-Man after all. There are a lot of great scenes here and it's a fun film. Between me and my daughter, I'm sure we'll be watching it yet again real soon.

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Must buy it

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Nice review. I thought the movie was completely overrated and boring. I wish the studios had been brave and given us a Miles Morales movie. The whole time I was watching it in the theatre I couldn't help but think that Fox was desperate to hold onto the franchise.

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@ChernobylCow: Sony not Fox

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@ChernobylCow: The film had already been in post-production for months, by the time Miles was first introduced in the comics.

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MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No commentary tracks? Bummer...

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@AlKusanagi: It's got one with the director, Avi Arad and this other guy (forgot his name).

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Absolutely loved this movie. I bought the digital version but haven't checked out the extras yet.

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This movie was pretty awesome... Wouldn't have watched if it was about miles

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I know I'm in the minority, but I thought it was only 'ok'. There isn't much new added here. I just don't get the re-telling of origins... what, to set-up this long-term mystery about Parker's parents? Bleh.

Spider-man is like Batman and Superman... he is iconic enough where you could start the movie with him on the moon fighting the Watcher and people aren't going to look around and scratch their heads wondering who the guy in the red and blue costume is.

But again, I'm in the minority. Saving my $$$$ for the TDKR blu-ray instead.

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I'll tell you what's amazing!

My apathy.

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Loved this movie! :D

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@ChernobylCow: Miles Morales movie? God, no...

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*adds to holiday gift list*

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@crazyflashfan11 said:

MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@JimTheSurfer said:

@ChernobylCow: Miles Morales movie? God, no...

Seconded. They need to stop making people other than Peter (and Miguel since he is in the future) Spider-Man.

That said, I was out on this movie even though Spider-Man is my absolute, all-time, favorite superhero... until I actually saw the movie. Loved it! Can't wait to add this to the ever-growing superhero movie collection. Yay!

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So, is the blu ray a great quality? I only bought a Blu Ray player on Sunday, and so I haven't tried many films. What I have noticed though is that some blu rays are barely different from the DVD version. What's the case for this movie? Does the blu ray look impressive?

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@AdamC said:

So, is the blu ray a great quality? I only bought a Blu Ray player on Sunday, and so I haven't tried many films. What I have noticed though is that some blu rays are barely different from the DVD version. What's the case for this movie? Does the blu ray look impressive?

Well its shockingly bad film, it would't matter how good it would look on blu ray.

if your watching early blu ray films or old films like the godfather for example the quality isnt that much different from the standard dvd, the colours are more vivid. Newer films looks noticeably better on blu ray. Go get avengers or hold out for the DKR, They look great on blu ray

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I don't get all the hate for this movie. I thought it was fun :)

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lol seems to me it went to DVD a little soon =^-^=

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Can't wait to get it :)

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I chose to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in theaters rather than see this movie. I still want to see this, but I wasn't interested in going to a theater to see another origin story movie. I'll probably rent this for the weekend, but I don't have high hopes I want to own it.

Loading Video...

I don't really like the second screen stuff on Blu-rays. Basically if you don't have an iPad. You have no way to access features on a movie you paid for. I can say, you can't find this app on the Kindle Fire app store.

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I’m probably one of the few people that didn’t see The Amazing Spider Man when it was in theaters. I had that feeling that it was an unnecessary movie since there was an entire trilogy available. My husband is a comic fanatic and so he convinced me to add this film to our Blockbuster @ Home queue which is available through DISH. The movie conveniently gets shipped by mail and it should be here in a day or two. I have to admit that even with mixed reviews I’m curious now to see if it really is worth watching. My DISH co-worker swears that this one is the best out of all the Spidey movies. We’ll see how I feel after I’ve seen it.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale: All movies usually do come to DVD quickly these days

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@ChernobylCow: Because Miles Morales was only brought out after development on movie had begun?

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Personally, after watching the film again this past night, I felt that the deleted scene of Uncle Ben's death was much better than the one we actually see in the movie. To me it felt much closer to how he dies in the comics, as Peter sees the thief, has a chance to do the right thing and stop him, but instead just keeps on walking. Minutes later, he hears gun shots, finds his Uncle Ben dead, and it isn't until after the police give him a sketch of what the killer looked like that he realized it was the same man he had a chance to stop, but selfishly decided not to. It felt more realistic and gave a much better idea of how Peter realized that just one act of irresponsibility could lead to someone getting killed.

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One of my favourite films of the year. Bought it the instant it hit Blu-Ray and it looks gorgeous. I'm just in awe how amazing the chemistry was between Garfield and Stone, it truly made the film that much better and their love story so much more genuine in comparison to Maguire and Dunst.

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Great review Toni! I can’t imagine Spider-man not looking good on Blu-ray, he’s my favorite superhero. I have not seen the movie yet, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the actor playing Peter Parker. I always felt Tobey Maguire lacked the passion as Parker and the smart-alecky attitude of Spider-man. Andrew Garfield took my breath away with his performance in Never Let Me Go, so I have high expectations. My friend and coworker from DISH also admires the talents of Andrew Garfield, especially in The Social Network. She’s having a girl’s night tomorrow to see The Amazing Spider-man on Blu-ray, but I’m out of town helping my Mom who has some health problems. I have my laptop with me for work, so I can easily access DISH Online and rent The Amazing Spider-man, since my Mom has a Hopper from DISH then I’ll still enjoy the movie with the gals, even though I’m away from home.

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