Ten Years On...Is The Real Clone Saga The Best "Open" Ending For Spider-Man?

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Published in 2009, The Real Clone Saga was a five issue mini-series by Tom DeFalco and Howard Mackie that adapted/retold the 1990s Clone Saga event without any kind of editorial intervention. The story not only streamlined and uncluttered much of the original story, but also took some unique liberties with the original saga. Harry was revealed as the mastermind rather than Norman, a clone of Norman was created and helped save the day, and everyone from Aunt May to Baby May, to Doc Ock to Ben Reilly survived (and in Ben's case, never went crazy). The story ended with Harry incarcerated in the loony bin while Peter settled down with MJ, Mayday, and Aunt May, and Ben skipped town.

Ten years on, do you think this was intended by Marvel at the time as a way of giving readers a jumping-off point if they were irritated with Brand New Day? Do you think, in the wake of MC2 Peter's revival and Renew Your Vows, that it holds up as a decent ending to Peter's story while leaving loose ends open? Would you like to see this universe revisited or is there no need to?








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@ursaber Hope you get the chance, it's pretty simple but very enjoyable.

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I've got to read this, I liked Ben a lot but was ticked at how the whole story went down.

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It's pretty good art story characterization are all solid only flaw is it streamlines the clone saga too much should have been a 7-9 issue mini instead of a 6

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@helloman said:


Care to elaborate as to why you think this?

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