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The Superior Spider-man the mind of peter still exists in your body?Octopus speaks at the beginning of this chapter, but I did not.Sorry for bad english and thankill.And as the golden octobot, to put the octopus mind in peter, put the mind of peter on octopus?, And why? Mind of the octopus only overlapped peter? Then peter superimposed the octopus? This is a copy of the mind of the two? peter the subconscious is the memories that remained of him, he is aware of the time it was like Dr.Octopus? how work as the lenses of his new costume? They are connected to spiderbots or it only receives information through the tablet?And what are your new equipment so far?Sorry for bad english and thankill.

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what is that character that appears in the other saga, which is made of spiders?As peter revived in the saga?If this universe, peter rejected the other, he was reborn as?

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I wish I could help you bro.

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I... I don't... I can't... what?

I'm sorry, dude, but I don't understand. We've got to have a user capable of translating for you somewhere around here...

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i'm brazilian,sorry.I'm reading the Superior spider-man and me came some doubts.For example,the spiderbots are connected to lenses of the costume of octopus?Or they only are connected to your tablet and cellular,where he has the watch application?He controls the spiderbots with the symbol of spider in uniform(octopus does it in the Superior spider-man 6,i think)?In wiki,,show he has adamantium web,in which chapter is show this?

The spirit of Peter guarding Octopus, is the remains of his memory?That is, as she has never been to the body of Octopus, only one copy of hers, she has no memories of the time he was in the body of octopus?

In Scarlet Spider 14,it is spoken that Peter rejected the other, then he was reborn as?

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I hope this answers your question...

Basically, the "Ghost Peter Parker" we saw in Superior Spider-Man wasn't Peter at all, he's dead. What we saw were the memories of Peter fighting back trying to take control of DocOc. But once DocOc wiped the memories out, "Ghost Peter" died.

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but,peter ghost is not the rest of his original memories? because he never went out of his body, and what went octopus was not a copy of your memory? then the memory copy in body of dead octopus, and the original was in the body of peter, but the octopus memory prevailed over she.She tried to regain control and he deleted it?

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The Spectacular Spider 228,if peter was not the clone, why he pursued Mary Jane?

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