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Hey, I'm sure this has been discussed a million times I'm sorry, but I need some clarification and I'm just getting back into comic books.

-In OMIT Aunt May still gets shot and Mary Jane and Peter were still "together" in a sense. So essentially, nothing changed just every time Spider-man has said "wife" is now "girlfriend"?

-BUT why doesn't he have his Other powers, especially if EZEKIEL STILL EXISTS, THEREFORE SO DOES MORLUN?

Can someone clarify specifically and detailed if possible, what changed and what didn't.

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With Regards to OMIT - That is exactly the answer we have been given, though it still leaves plotholes.

Peter's loss of his "OTHER" powers has been 100% ignored. We have been given no answers at all.

You're up to date, this entire plot thread has just been handled rather terribly.

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Pretend they didn't happen and jump on with "Big Time".

Seriously, just save yourself the trouble.

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You should know that OMD wasn't created to be a great story, it's main purpose was to remove the marriage between Peter and Mary Jane, and that's what it did. The in-universe ramifications are mainly told in OMIT, but the smaller stuff across all the years isn't expanded upon. Subtle shifts in the continuity like the following:

Peter experienced both the events of Disassembled and The Other, he just either never received the powers, or he got them and lost them some time in the new history. The creative teams have left these changes open to exploration, but haven't done any stories for them yet.

By the way, Brand New Day isn't really a story arc, it's just the label they put on the books post-OMD.

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So basicaly you're only as confused as the long term Spidy fans. So basicaly there's no way to answer your question. But hey, good news is you missed Marvel trying to shove new continuity down on you 3 times a month.

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Okay, so I'm up to date, just super annoyed he no longer has his Other powers, HE WAS SO BROKEN WHEN HE HAD THEM

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