My own written Spider-Man Storyline titled as '' Spider-Man: Reborn ''.

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This story is part of my own continuity for the Main 616 Universe Spider-Man, it's part of a big project that I'm currently working on and hope to share with all of you down the line. Warning, it's pretty lengthy so keep that in mind and if you have any criticism to share, I will be very grateful for it, because your opinion's could help me improve my writing skills, so that I can make even better written stories in the future, so any feedback will help me tremendously, now let's start reading the story, enjoy.

Chapter 1. A 'Familiar' Face Returns.

Peter Parker's life was the same as in the original 616 Universe, he lived through everything the same way, even OMD and events that happened after, all the way up to Spider-Verse, except for All New, All Different and beyond it. After Spider-Verse, Peter started working on making Parker Industries '' better '' after he regained his body back at the end of Superior Spider-Man, but while he was doing just that, he received a message from a Unknown Person who wanted to talk to Peter, saying he was someone Peter knew from the past, Peter being understandably skeptic about it, made sure to come to meet the person not as Peter but as Spidey.

He arrived at a abandoned warehouse which resembled a very familiar place to him, he entered and was greeted by the Unknown Person without triggering Spidey's Spider-Sense somehow, Spidey asks: Who are you, why did you want Peter Parker to come here and how did I not Sense your presence when I walked in here, don't tell me that it's you Brock why did you come back to NY didn't you have some other business elsewhere, like not being here for instance. Unknown Person: Well, good guess, but I'm afraid not I'd say it's someone who knows you on a very, very close level, as if I am you '' reveals true identity ''. Peter gasps in shock to see that it's Ben Reilly, Ben explains everything to Peter how he's alive and where his been all this time.

Quite a while, after Ben died against the Green Goblin to save Peter in the warehouse, the Jackal was able to find some remnants of Ben's DNA in the area and was able to bring him back to life, once Ben awoke he obviously wanted to Escape the Jackal's grasp, but was unable to because the Jackal made sure to install a Fail Safe device in Ben's body to prevent him from leaving and to obey his every order. Ben tried his best to resist, but he just couldn't stand the excruciating pain inside of him, so he had no choice, but to obey the Jackal and so he helped him out with a lot of things. Especially, with the creation of Spider-Island and making Kaine turn into Tarantula and helping the Spider-Queen Adriana Soria to accomplish her goal. At one point he was able to have a chance to get rid of the Jackal, in order to be free at last and he does just that, he kills the Jackal and even makes him suffer for what he put not only himself through, but Kaine & Peter as well and that's when he tries to meet up with Peter and that brings us back to where we are.

Chapter 2. A Friend in Need of Help, Before it's Too Late.

Peter understood everything & he felt very sorry for what Ben had to go through, than afterwards Peter & Ben went back to Parker Industries so that Ben could recuperate, but when they arrived they were met by Miguel O' Hara & Miles Morales whom received a message from an ally, that being Spider-UK, who says: Hey, is anyone there, if you receive this message than please send help, I don't know how or why but Morlun is back, he somehow escaped the radioactive earth we trapped him in along with his family and he sure is pissed and from the looks of it really hungry as well, if anyone can send help than please do, because I sure bloody am not gonna last long against this wanker.

Chapter 3. A Dark Figure Returns and a Figure of Light Appears.

'' So what do we do '', asks Ben, Peter responds with: '' Well we're not just going to sit on our butts doing nothing, if someone needs help we have to help out '', Miguel & Miles nod in agreement and so does Ben. The device that contained the message, also teleport's all of them to the area, they arrive and try to find Spider-UK & Morlun, but all they find is an empty husk of Spider-UK, meaning they were too late and encounter Morlun. Morlun recognizes all of them, especially Peter, he starts going berserk on all of them, he fights all of them at once and is actually doing pretty well, he beats up Miguel, Miles and Ben quite badly and as for Peter he brakes his spine and his limbs, because of how much he despises Peter after all those many times he humiliated him, and sends him flying into a rock wall. Peter, tries to move, but can't, everything in his body was broken and so he can do nothing, but watch how Morlun just brutally beats up his allies, what happens next is that Peter falls into a daze and wakes up in a dark, empty place where he's met by Kwaku Anansi/the Great Weaver/the Spider God himself.

Anansi, recognizes Peter's situation and offers him a way that could lead him to victory and that is unleashing Peter's powers to their fullest potential, however, in order to do so he would have to embrace his inner spider inside of him and Peter says '' NO '' outright, he doesn't want to risk losing his humanity for good just to beat Morlun & save his allies. Peter says that he'll find another way in order to do just that and Anansi says '' No, there is no other option in your predicament, all of the bones in your body are broken, you can't even lift a finger, let alone do anything to save your friends from Solus's offspring ''.

Chapter 4. Absolute Worst Case Scenario.

Anansi shows everything, that would've happened if he refused his offer. What happens is that, Miguel, Miles and Ben are beaten and consumed by Morlun and Peter sitting broken, in anger & frustration that he couldn't do anything but watch them die before his eyes. Morlun attempts to consume Peter, but he is saved at the last minute by the Fantastic Four opening a portal to him, they found out that they had to save him from Miguel sending a message to them before he died.

Peter wasn't the same after, he became more angered with himself for being so helpless and not saving the others, he started acting a lot more brutal as Spider-Man even outright killing criminals & his supervillains so that he would never feel helpless and unable to help others ever again. Because of this, the Avengers, X-Men & even the Fantastic Four stopped associating themselves with him because of his actions, even Aunt May was very sad & disappointed with what Peter has become and it drove her to even commit suicide. MJ tried to comfort Peter when he needed it the most, but to no success, they did have a kid though, but the stress of everything & Peter's unstable behavior was to much for her, she left Peter with their son Ben and never came back. Peter was than seen as a broken down Man living a miserable life, his son really wasn't fond of what his Father became, because he knows the Hero his Father used to be in stories from his former close superhero friends, one day Ben comes home from school and sees his Dad sitting in a chair drinking Beer, Peter greets his son, but Ben ignores it and at that moment opens a portal.

Where, Morlun comes out and says he has some unfinished business, he absolutely wrecks Peter and spots his son and takes him with him, wanting to make Peter suffer for all his actions against him & his Family, he says '' I believe it's fair after all you did to me and my family, so it's basically an eye for an eye ''. Peter obviously tries to save his son, but fails and is left completely alone with no one by him and so eventually does this, he musters all the strength he could and punches himself through his heart and basically commit's suicide.

Chapter 5. Inner Spider UNLEASHED!

Peter, after seeing this is obviously shocked, depressed & feels like Crap, Anansi than shows him something else and that is how Peter is destined to be his successor and that he watched & at points protected Peter when he needed it before he became Spider-Man. Out of all his creations, he always saw Peter as his best, his favourite Spider-Totem who deserves his Title when Anansi will be ready to step down from his position and the reason is because, Peter was the Bravest, the Most Heroic, the Most Responsible, the Most Persistent and Overall the Greatest Spider-Totem.

Peter finally decides, that he accepts Anansi's offer no matter what happens he will come out on top, protect his friends & prevent that horrible potential future from ever happening, Anansi extends his hand to Peter and Peter shakes his hand, a million spiders cover Peter's entire body, he goes into a rage in the real world and transforms into a Man-Spider like creature, similar to Kaine's Other Form. But, MORE POWERFUL, because Peter completely stomps Morlun once he attacks him and Morlun can barely do anything against him, whilst this is going on, in Peter's subconscious Peter is with Anansi who explains that he is in a Enraged Savage Spider like form and he says that in order to take control of this Power he needs to go through 3 Trials, before he actually gets consumed by his Spider Self.

Chapter 6. Facing Your Inner Demons and Overcoming Them.

First, he must face his inner demons and defeat his darker side, his darker side shows him ALL of Peter's failures & how he would've handled them better than Peter, actually saving Uncle Ben, saving Gwen Stacy & her Dad, saving Jean DeWolff, not revealing his identity to everyone during Civil War and have his Aunt killed in the process, not sacrificing his own marriage to the Devil in order to save an old woman who probably would've been happy being reunited with her husband finally, not letting Octavious take over his Body and almost ruin his reputation & lastly acting like a completely immature, irresponsible & pathetic idiot ever since he sold his marriage & love with MJ to Mephisto.

Also, he believes if he had killed his enemies/villains his life would be so much better & easier, Peter acknowledges & understands his Darker Sides statements and agrees to a certain extent, however, he doesn't think everything would've been better if he went down that path, on the contrary it would've just made everything worse. Peter wouldn't have been friends with his superhero friends, he would have never have met and started a relationship with MJ, his Uncle would be disappointed with what he has become and he would actually be seen as a menace to society how J. Jonah Jameson has always labeled him as and now the fight begins.

Both are completely evenly matched, neither Peter nor his Dark Self can out smart each other or out brute force each other, with one final clash, it ends with Peter's darker side trying to punch him, but instead receives a hug, Peter says: '' I get it, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and I do wish I could've prevented them from happening, but that doesn't mean that I should just continue to blame myself for everything, because I'm gonna start acting a lot more mature, responsible and start by bringing my marriage back with MJ and defeat that bastard Morlun, so I can save all of my friends and you I promise that I'll make everything right ''. Peter comes out of the fight, enlightened and now fully accepting himself, forgiving himself and promising to bring everything back everything in order, goes to his next Trial.

Chapter 7. Face to Face with YOUR Inner Spider.

Where, he encounters his Inner Spider, the same one from Spider-Man: The Other, Spider-Man like figure, glowing yellow eyes, fangs, claws and red (upper half) & blue (lower half) skin. The two come face to face stare each other down and start the fight, for most of it Peter's Inner Spider has the upper hand, completely thrashing Peter, he even at one point asks Peter to give up and give the control of his body to him, calling Peter weak, pathetic and unworthy of his gifts. But, Peter refuses to surrender filled with immense amounts of will power, determination, persistency and stubbornness, the Inner Spider gets tired of it and decides to end it with one punch through Peter's stomach.

Believing Peter is dead, he tries to pull his arm out, but Peter grabs and holds his hand in and musters up all the strength he has left into a strong punch trough his stomach, effectively defeating his Inner Spider and Anansi declares Peter as the Winner. Severely wounded, Peter asks what's the last trial, Anansi responds with: '' Just take my hand, so that we can begin the Metamorphosis and gain control of your powers true potential ''. In the real world, Man-Spider Peter regains consciousness and starts to cover himself with large amounts of webbing to create a cocoon, Morlun starting to understand what Peter is up to tries to stop it, but Miguel, Ben and Miles catching their second wind do their best to help Peter do what he needs to do.

Chapter 8. True Potential of The Spider Unlocked, a Fiery Fury.

After a few moments, the cocoon starts cracking & shattering releasing beams of light from it and from it walks out a completely different Peter/Spider-Man, now his shrouded in a fiery like red aura, a glowing Spider Symbol on his forehead, intimidating glowing eyes and covered in webbing remains on his body. Everyone, Miguel, Ben, Miles and even Morlun are left speechless, the only thing Morlun is able to say is that, Peter is not an ordinary Spider-Totem anymore, but something much greater.

Peter in this state, absolutely destroys Morlun effortlessly, before Peter can deliver the finishing blow, Morlun escapes and says: '' This isn't the last you'll see of me, one day I will return and make all of you, especially you (pointing at Peter), regret humiliating me and I'll make sure to make all of you suffer and wish that you die a swift & painless death '', Peter responds with: '' I'll be waiting, to kick your ass for the fifth time in a row ''. Morlun leaves and everyone runs to Peter trying to congratulate him, but before that Peter loses consciousness and falls to the ground.

Chapter 9. Aftermath and Finally, Taking Action in Reviving a Past Love.

An hour later, Peter wakes up in Parker Industries Medical Level, where everyone greets him and asks how he's doing, Peter replies: '' I'm doing pretty well, guess entering that state for the first time took a tole on me, but I'm glad that we were able to get out of it with our butts intact, but right now I need to get to business".

First, Peter goes to Tony to train and see what he's capable of now, he tries to enter that '' Powerful State '', but can't, maybe he can't just enter it whenever he wants to, however, Peter discovers that his current powers have increased considerably and now Peter is a lot more powerful than he ever was, this boost is even greater than the one he got from '' The Other '', he states himself. Next, before he goes to Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider to ask his help to confront Mephisto, he decides to give the Rights to Parker Industries to someone who deserves it more than him and that's Ben Reilly, Peter saying that after all Ben has been through he deserves it, besides he states he isn't CEO material, but he believes Ben is and he also provides Miguel O' Hara a helping hand in order to bring him back to his own Futuristic Reality of 2099.

Both of them, shake their hands, Peter only says that he wishes the best of luck for Miguel, Miguel responds with: '' Likewise, my friend ''. There is also something that Peter has to take care of first before he goes to face Mephisto and that's spending an entire day with Aunt May, before she probably passes away if everything is successful. And afterwards, Peter goes to ask help from Ghost Rider, so that he can get his marriage & happiness with Mary Jane back and that's where it ends.


This Story is titled '' Spider-Man: Reborn '', because Peter is not only reborn with Enhanced Powers, but he is reborn as a whole new person, he now accepts who he is, forgives himself for all his past mistakes, promises to do everything that he can to restore what he has lost, that being his Marriage with MJ and now will start acting as a more mature, responsible and in general a better version of himself, who only looks towards the future with hope & belief in his eyes.

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@fromapov: is there no possibility in making that a bit shorter or divided into chapters with subtitles. BTW I also have a story with that title.

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@ursaber: Sorry man, I'm actually planning to do a bit of a remake to it, improve some of the dialogue, plot points and have a much clearer description on what's going on, so maybe just wait for that instead, deal?

And, oh it's quite a coincidence that you have a story with the same title, if you don't mind I really would like to read it.

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@fromapov said:

@ursaber: Sorry man, I'm actually planning to do a bit of a remake to it, improve some of the dialogue, plot points and have a much clearer description on what's going on, so maybe just wait for that instead, deal?

And, oh it's quite a coincidence that you have a story with the same title, if you don't mind I really would like to read it.

There are stories in my blog posts I posted in 2016 if you'd like a read.

As for your story, just divide it in chapters. You have several paragraphs of long length, make each of them a numbered chapter with a title so we can know what's about.

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@ursaber: Sure, no problem I guess I can do that, but not now of course because I need to get some sleep, but I'll try to do it tomorrow, promise.

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@fromapov said:

@ursaber: Sure, no problem I guess I can do that, but not now of course because I need to get some sleep, but I'll try to do it tomorrow, promise.

whenever you can

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@nitelite: So, have you read the story by now? If not, than could you message me after you read it to give me some feedback on it, alright?

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