losing his upgrades

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is spider-man losing his "upgrades" a bad thing or a good thing i think its a bad think its a bad thing

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#2 Posted by zero edge (3991 posts) - - Show Bio

I have mixed feelings about everything Spidey right now

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Good, very good. The idea of upgrading him was stupid. They gave him the ability to create webs because of the movie, which in the movie thats kind of cool. But you don't base your comics off of the movie adaption of your comics. That is just dumb. Then the rest of it is not needed. Spider-Man is awsome because he is the underdog.

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he barely ever used his upgrades we saw his stingers what? twice? and the one thing that always bothered me about his organic webshooters was how convienent was it they operated exactly like his nonorganics...in my opinion he should have never got them especially if they were just planning on taking them away the whole time

zero edge said:

"I have mixed feelings about everything Spidey right now
and i agree with you there everytime i read something bnd although they are good stories they feel like i'm reading an alternate reality story if i'm to get into bnd i need more backstory on what's happened to spidey in this timeline i don't feel any connection what so ever
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#5 Posted by Neocrous (413 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it was a bad idea he lost his upgrades because some of them made him more realistic, but he really should have used them more than he did

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