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Hey guys I recently started reading the Spider-Man essentials and have gotten really into the character, so I was wondering what is a good jumping on point with Marvel Now?

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@koko_the_vampire_slayer: Hmmm I would recommend the Big Time arc. If you start on the current run "Superior Spider-man" you will be very confused espeically if you've only just gotten to like the character.

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@strider92: Yeah I heard that Superior Spider-Man is CRAZY, which makes me want to read it, but at the same time I want to just wait until Peter comes back from the "dead" or however they bring him back. I always thought Spider-Man was kinda boring but I don't really know now, I'm starting to really see why people like him!

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@koko_the_vampire_slayer: It is a pretty good series tbh. The only reason i'm not saying go read it is because you said you've been reading some past Spider-man issues (which ofc follow Pete as Spider-man) which got you interested in the character. So recommending Superior would most likely throw you off as he is nothing like the old Spidey at all. No cute and cuddly side lol.

But if you are interested in starting "Superior" I would read "Ends Of The Earth" followed by "Dying wish". After that you'll have a good grasp of who Superior is and how he got to where he is now.

If you're more interested in Peter then as I said "Big Time" is a good arc to start with. "Grim Hunt" was also pretty good.

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