Is The Clone Saga really as bad as people say it is?

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I haven't read the original but I've read the version they had in the Ultimate universe. It's personally my favorite story arc from the Ultimate Spider-Man series. I've heard people say that the Earth-616 version is awful though.

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The 90s Clone Saga is'nt bad at all. Some of my favourite storylines came out of it, it has the best death for Aunt May period (and it should have stuck), and it led to Ben Reily, Spider-Girl and Kai having cult followings. I'll take it over the post-OMD eras anyday

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I like to think that if they didn't try to make everyone believe Peter was the clone, then it wouldn't have been that bad

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If they had stuck to their original six-month plan, it would be held in higher regard.

2009's Clone Saga mini is a geat read btw.

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I think the problem was that Marvel dragged the story arc out longer than it needed to been.

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@dedonus said:

I think the problem was that Marvel dragged the story arc out longer than it needed to been.

Yep, that's pretty much consensus.

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*BUMP* also *Infinity War Movie Spoilers*

The aftermath of Infinity War and potential introduction of Miles Morales into the MCU got me thinking about this. As others have said here the real issue was how they dragged it out and effectively tried to force something really ludicrous (Peter Parker being the clone) to be "the truth" for years rather than months. It was actually a really cool concept, it just would have been better as something told over 6-12 months than several years. It really allowed Peter Parker to develop more than he had since the 80s as he was faced with an earth shattering identity crisis, a 'brother' he didn't know about, the death of Aunt May and transitioning into a new stage of life- namely fatherhood. In doing so it also allowed someone new and fresh to take over the Spider-Man mantle if they really felt like it was time to retire Peter and let him focus on his marriage and child. I actually wouldn't mind at all for it to end up being a sort of final arc for MCU Spider-Man years down the road.

The alternative brought to you by Brian Bendis of "killing Peter and replacing him with another teenager... but of a different ethnicity... oh and this time his uncle/mentor doesn't die, but ends up being a costumed villlain" is garbage compared to this. Give us Flash Thompson as Venom the secret agent while you're at it Disney. If anything the directors and writers of Infinity War running around saying "the deaths are real!" makes me think of Marvel spending far too long on "Ben Reilly is the real Peter Parker and the guy you thought was Peter has been a clone since the 70s!

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I never finished it. It was way too long, which was the problem with all 90s crossovers from both Marvel and DC, but Clone Saga really went overboard.

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