How powerful IS Spider-man really?

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#51 Posted by TheHeaven_Guardian10 (2523 posts) - - Show Bio

When the chips are down, when push comes to shove and Peter is just all out of ****'s to give, he is powerful, skilled, dangerous and deadly enough. To beat or check a good portion of the Marvel universe, wither they be good, neutral or evil.

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#52 Posted by NARUTO__UZUMAKI (303 posts) - - Show Bio

Spiderman is just the top street leveler normally BUT when it gets real and all hope is lost he can be around low herald level LITERALLY he has the abilities and Smarts and also defeated a herald and fought blow for blow with Hulk the strongest there is over 3 decades of them fighting on occasions with Spiderman actually beating him MORE than once plus he regenerated an eye and evolved from the yea at his best he is indeed low herald while normally which is 80% of the time he would be lucky if he gets past ironman.

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#53 Posted by Spidercide (33 posts) - - Show Bio

10 toner.

Can dodge a bullet at point blank rage.

climb-walls and minor healing

Really smart.

pretty much it.

Yeah no.

Spider-Man's power levels grossly exceed that.

First of all he's fast enough to dodge rapid machine gun fire no problem.

Second of all 10 tons is actually what he can lift WITHOUT exerting himself. He's got feats grossly exceeding 10 tons. The iconic Master Planner trilogy involves a younger, not yet fully developed, injured, exhausted, mentally distressed Spider-Man from a position with little leverage lifting something the story states to be the size of a locamotive...which would've been way more than 10 tons.

Scale that up to an older and fresher Spider-Man and he's way beyond 10 tons

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#54 Posted by Spidercide (33 posts) - - Show Bio

He could breeze through all the heroes not named Hulk, Thor, Ice man, dr. strange, fully prep iron man, and carol danvers. If he controls the web of life, could most likely be cosmic level and be a threat to thanos and dormmy.

Actually he could probably take Iceman. He's got the speed to do it.

Pre-Worldbreaker he was stated to have a method of killing the Hulk too.

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#55 Posted by Thiagl156 (166 posts) - - Show Bio

Physically, he's high street/low mid. With prep he becomes a beast though.

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#56 Edited by deactivated-5bb95a9a712cb (49 posts) - - Show Bio

I am pretty sure that Spider-Man is pretty strong. He can lift object several times his weight. We all saw him lifting cars, wagons and even the entire Daily Bugle builiding.

The thing is that he doesn't let himself to use this amount of power because he is afraid that he might lose control. He puts a mental block to himself.

Otherwise, i can't explain how people such as Wilson Fisk (with no super powers whatsover) can give him a hard time when he can lift entire buildings.

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#57 Posted by camilopezo (2186 posts) - - Show Bio

- Strength: At least 100 tons, Over 1,000 tons with webs.

-Speed: Subsonic running, supersonic in combat with hypersonic reactions.

-Durability: Resistant to psychic strength, but weak to bullets.

-intelligence: Genius level.

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