How did Spidey get his Spider Sense back?

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Hey I was reading the latest Spidey where his spidey sense is going crazy and I remember reading a while back during Spider-Island that he had lost his spider sense (and was being trained in martial arts by Mme Web and whatnot). I skipped a bunch of issues and was wondering:

How de he get his spidey sense back?

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@slvr4surfer: He got it back near the end of Spider-Island when he was fighting Kaine. I don't remember how. It was probably the Spider-virus Jackal created.

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I think it was the Horizon lab guys with help from Mr. Fantastic

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If I remember correctly, Horizon Labs and Reed Richards were able to reprogram Smythe's device that caused Peter to lose his Spider-Sense in the first place.

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Whatever it was, it was re-engineered by Horizon Labs, and given to the Kingpin. Spidey had a hard time with his Spidey sense lately.

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