Green Goblin: Mad Mythos

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Green Goblin is Spider-Man's most intriguing nemesis, and Norman Osborn captures all of the intrigue surrounding mutation, terrorism, and mad science (symbolic of Oscorp) that makes Spider-Man's city a place of great adventure.

Green Goblin was transformed into a pumpkin bomb-throwing green-coloured ghoul who soars on a jet-glider and makes Spider-Man's life less than peaceful.

Green Goblin, unlike other nefarious Spidey-villains such as Kingpin, Rhino, Venom, and Black Cat, represents pure dementia and can therefore be compared to great mutated horror film ghouls such as Leatherface (the fictional chainsaw-wielding ghoul from the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise).

What is your favourite Green Goblin nightmare?

Green Goblin (

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