Garfield's interpretation of Spider-Man

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#151 Posted by Panic_at_the_doki (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Andrew Garfield was a better Spidey. Especially since all of the Marvel movies are going with the "Ultimate" based themes. As for him being called the "Amazing Spider-Man," I think it's just a title, really. I mean, the Avengers was based on Ultimate, and they weren't called "The Ultimates." Andrew Garfield's Peter was what kids today, much like ultimate Peter Parker. Tobey's Peter was just...I never see anyone act like him. ANYONE. Well, for his time I guess he was good. A lot of things in the movie came from Ultimate Spider-Man, but it also had a hint of 616. Hence why Gwen Stacy his portraying his first "true love".

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As for people saying he was a douche: Well, he was a douche in Ultimate.

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#152 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (9121 posts) - - Show Bio

@pyrogram said:

He is a douche, hipster, rubbish spider-man. Good actor as a teenager albeit hipster, I did not like him as spider-man PERSONALLY. But he is a good actor, I hope he goes far.

I think he acted to stereotypical Emo/hipster to be peter Parker. I really hated that.

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#153 Posted by ZombieMowlcher (733 posts) - - Show Bio

@mewmdude77: Then he squandered it in Spider Man 3 with the dancing sequence.

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#154 Edited by w0nd (6789 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know what people's definition of "emo" is in this day and age lol...seems like they just throw words out there. As for the "dickish" attitude in the movie, that comic strip sums it up. I wish I could recall the posts people complained he was out of character and show them that image lol.

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