Favorite era/era's of Spider-Man Comics and favorite Storylines from that era.

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For me, I've always been a fan of the 70's, 80's and Early 2000's Comics, that being both 616/Amazing & 1610/Ultimate, though I did really love Two storylines each from the 60's & 90's. 60's: If This Be My Destiny & Spider-Man No More. 90's: Maximum Carnage & Identity Crisis. From the 70's I liked: The Death of Gwen Stacy & The Six Arms Saga. 80's: Secret Wars, Venom, The Death of Jean DeWolff, The Alien Costume Saga, Kraven's Last Hunt & The Wedding. From the Early 2000's I liked: Happy Birthday, The Conversation, Spider-Man: The Other, Civil War & Back in Black. And even though I hate the existence of One More Day, I did like a few Stories that came out of it, like New Ways to Die, The Gauntlet, Grim Hunt, Big Time, Spider-Men & Ends of The Earth. And lastly, from the Ultimate Spider-Man Era of Comics stories, I liked the most were: Power and Responsibility, Learning Curve, Legacy, Venom, Carnage, Hobgoblin, The Clone Saga, The Talk, Death of a Goblin, Tainted Love, Happy Birthday, Peter Parker! and The Death of Spider-Man.

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My favorite era has to be the JMS era in the early 2000's.

The mid 1980's Tom DeFalco to David Micheline era ending shortly before the Clone Saga.

I also like the Gerry Conway run in the 1970's.

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One of my Favorite eras for Spider-Man comics has to be the 90s, or more specifically the grim and gritty era which began in october 1987 with Kraven's Last Hunt and ended around 1995 around the time of the Clone Saga.

I liked the darker psychological themes in this era, it had a kind of Blade Runner type atmosphere with robots, androids, clones and questions about what it means to be human.

Another recurring theme in this era was ridiculously elaborate revenge plots, usually targeted at Spider-Man.

Some of my favorite storylines of this era

  1. The Spectacular Spider-Man #200 - Best of Enemies
  2. Pursuit
  3. Kraven's Last Hunt
  4. Death by Tombstone
  5. Invasion of the Spider-Slayers
  6. Return of the Sinister Six
  7. Spider-Man Vs. Venom
  8. The Amazing Spider-Man #361 - Carnage, Part One: Savage Genesis!
  9. Spider-Man: Venom Returns
  10. Maximum Carnage
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I prefer the 60s by a country mile, its the only Spider-Man I reread these days I think.

The 70s were awful IMO. Apart from the end of Stan Lee's run (which was good), The Night Gwen Stacy Died (which was obviously a milestone for the character), The Longest 100 Yards (one of the most underrated issues IMO), and Marvel Team Up. In general there were too many monster of the week issues, and silly, poorly thought out story arcs during this time.

80s were an excellent time for Spider-Man comics, perhaps second only to the 60s

90s were a mixed bag, lots of gimmicky, pointlessly long and meandering arcs, lots of Spider-Man being written out of character and such, but J.M. Demateis' run on Spectacular was great, Untold Tales of Spider-Man was pretty entertaining, and I actually really liked the Lost Years miniseries as well.

00s another mixed bag but less so than 90s, 1st half of Straczynski good, second half atrociously bad, some of Dan Slott's early stuff was fun and readable as well, but in general this era is mainly forgettable, uninspired stories.

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60s Lee/JR.sr era, fav being Spiderman no more.

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