Did the 90's animated series predict the Superior Spider-Man?

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With the recent identity of Superior Spider-Man revealed it reminded me of something from the final arc of the 90's Spidey cartoon. In the episodes The Beyonder and Madame Web summon Spider-Men from different dimensions. Oddly enough one of them had Dr Octopus' tech and was using it in conjunction with his powers. I figured he was based on an existing alternate universe Spider-Man since the Scarlet Spider was in this episode but I can't seem to pin point any version of Peter Parker that had this sort of costume other than Civil War Spidey and quite possibly the upcoming Superior Spider-Man. Now this could be a complete coincidence (which it most undoubtedly is) but at the time I remember thinking about the implications behind the design of this particular Peter Paker.

The only thing this Spider-Man said about the arms was that they were a "souvenir" from his last fight with Doc Ock. He said it in a extremely sly manner so in retrospect it feels there was something sinister behind his story. Anyway it seemed like a version of Spidey that operated on a more efficient approach to crime. Such as adopting the technology of his greatest foes to become a better hero. I could be wrong but it seems like the same approach the Superior Spider-Man will take in his future crusade against crime. Yes I know I'm crazy. Just have a look at what I'm talking about.

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That look is based on mini series Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus, where Peter briefly puts on (the recently deceased) Doc Ock's arms to fight Vulture, Hobgoblin, Electro and Mysterio.

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lol just that, that's all I have to say.

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No, that's a really cool observation!!! I would never have thought of that!!!

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Yeah, we've seen Pete use the octo-arms before.

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@fodigg: @sky-pirate: Good to know. I wasn't aware of that until now. I couldn't find that info on comic vine but I probably just didn't dig deep enough. Thanks.

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No sir, although I'm sure Slott has drawn his inspiration from various sources, perhaps not specifically this one but the massive list goes on.

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I remember that episode. I miss this series so much. All episodes are on netflix btw.

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lol I saw it on Netflix and thought the same thing. Some superior though he got knocked out early on and wasn't even on the bosses yet just the henchmen. Although that fault lies with the arrogant Iron Spider Armor Parker thou

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@EscGamer: Haha! Too true! Yeah I guess that clearly explains why he was not the chosen one in the Spider Wars.

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Nice observation, man. Good job!

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