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How would you guys feel, if in the 616 Universe Peter & Mary Jane got back together, married and had a kid, though it wouldn't be a daughter but a son.

Would you like that concept. Would you not like it. Or would you not care.

Now, first of all, I'm not saying that I dislike Peter & MJ having a daughter, in fact I actually really like Mayday Parker as a character. It's just I think that concept is a little bit overused, like Mayday Parker Earth 982, April Parker Earth 982, May Parker Earth X and Annie Parker Renew Your Vows, by having a son in the Post OMD 616 universe, you have something fresh & more interesting. Alright, first I'm gonna breakdown Peter & MJ's son in two categories, those being his Physical Description and his Character (his personality, characteristics, attitude, intelligence, ideals/beliefs, his achievements & occupation and goals in life).

Physical Description: Real Name: Benjamin Eugene Parker. Aliases: Spider-Boy (Age 14), The Crimson Spider/Spider-Man (Age 16-35). Height: 5'6 (Age 14), 5'10 (Age 16), 5'11 (Age 17), 6'0 (Age 18), 6'1 (Age 20-35). Weight: 135 lbs (Age 14), 157 lbs (Age 16), 165 lbs (Age 17), 175 lbs (Age 18), 182 lbs (Age 20-35).

Hair Color, Hairstyles: Brown, has wavy hair which is orientated to his left side, when he's 20-35, he has a goatee. Eye Color: Green eyes just like his mother's. Facial Appearance & Face Shape: Resembles his father & has an upside down triangle face shape. Skin Color/Tone: Caucasian & has his father's skin tone. Figure/Body: Benjamin is consistently shown skinny/lean. At age 14, he looked pretty skinny with just a slight amount of muscle mass, but when he's 16 he bulks up considerably and has a body that rivals Male Olympic Athletes, do to two factors puberty & a lot of training and he remains like this through his teenage & adult years.

Clothing: He prefers to wear everyday street clothes, at age 16 he starts to wear a lot more black clothing, at age 20 he mostly wears what I've just mentioned, but he also wears flannel shirts, sweaters with collars and regular t shirts typically white or black.

Suits: He goes through 5 Spider Suits through his heroic career, at age 14, he wears a red hoody with a simple spider symbol on the front & back, a red mask with spider-man like lenses, blue jeans, red & white sneakers and black finger-less gloves. At age 16-18, he wears a crimson red jacket with a hoody attached, with a web pattern on the entire jacket and with a cool spider symbol on the back & front of it, underneath it he wears one of his father's Spider-Man torso shirts, black khaki pants with a belt, crimson red hi top shoes with black laces & a web pattern, black gloves with red metal plates on each of his knuckle bones and a standard Spider-Man mask with more aggressive looking lenses, but with the top of it cut off with Ben's hair exposed. At age 16, he also gets a symbiote suit, though, it manifested from inside Ben's body, you see in the past Peter became one with Venom, willingly and became the first symbiote host on panel in comics to attain a perfect & harmonic symbiosis, later on he spreads Venom with Mary Jane, as well who has Spider Powers in addition to that (If you guys want to find out more about this check out these two topics that I made on comic vine: Thoughts on What If, Mary Jane gained Spider Powers in the Main 616 Universe. What If, 616 Spider-Man permanently bonded with Venom willingly with both of them consenting to it, would you like it or not?

Now, I will post the topic on how Ben bonded with the symbiote on a later date, but now I'm gonna describe you how he looked when it covered his suit, now I went with the concept from Spectacular Spider-Man, the cartoon that every Spidey fan adores, that there are multiple stages of how the symbiote looks on the host. Stage one, in this stage all that's really changed is that almost all of Ben's suit has become black, but his web pattern & spider symbols became blue, as well as his hair, Stage two his suit jacket, pants, shoes, gloves and mask start becoming more merged together, and lastly Stage 3 the suit becomes a skin tight spandex suit, being almost completely black and in some places on his body with a blue web pattern and a blue aggressive looking spider symbol.

At age 18, Ben wears this suit for only one time, it's literally a tuxedo with the jacket and tie being red with a web pattern and black tuxedo pants, shoes with red laces, gloves and shirt, along with his spider mask. And finally, at age 20-35 he wears a traditional spider-man like suit with his own twist on it, a red & black color scheme, legs are entirely black with his ankles in a single red horizontal stripe, knees with red padding plates, a slim red belt with all his different gadgets & web cartridges, black torso with a upside down triangle shape torso design which is red with a web pattern & a spider symbol, shoulders are red connected with the reverse triangle design, black arms with red padding plates on his elbows, wrists covered in a single horizontal red stripe with his own made web shooters, black gloves with red knuckle bone plates & the tips of his fingers are used as like Batman's cryptographic sequencer but on his finger tips, a red hood attached to the suit with a web pattern and lastly a regular spider-man mask but with highly improved lenses.

And lastly his equipment: at 14, he only has his web shooters & cartridges, at 16 he adds a few more different types of webbing cartridges, better web shooters and a communication device implanted in his mask and spider-tracers, at 20-35 his arsenal improves considerably, now I mentioned a few things about it already, but there are still a few more improvements, a suit made out of the same materials as the 'Advanced Suit' from Spider-Man PS4, a belt having all of his different web cartridge types, my favorite gadget from Spidey PS4 that being the web trip mine, if Ben presses his spider symbol on his chest than he activates a cloaking device, like the 'Big Time' suit and lastly his lenses can filter different visions, night vision, infrared vision, ultraviolet vision, x-ray vision and detective mode like vision.

That, pretty much covers everything, except Ben as a character which will be next.

Personality: At age 14, a very enthusiastic, optimistic, fun loving guy who is very humble & caring to others around him, always standing up for the people that can't protect themselves and he clearly shows this to his school bully's by either intimidating/scaring them of or just kinda beating the crap out of them, basically Ben at 14 years old acts like his father when he is Spider-Man. At age 16, Ben's character changes drastically he becomes a lot more serious, more mature, more moody, less happy go lucky, naive & enthusiastic, he still displays the nature of protecting those who can't defend themselves, that includes not only people who are bullied at his school, but innocent people who are endangered by criminals, murders, drug dealers, rapists and so on, when he's The Crimson Spider he acts like this to criminals, he mocks them, treats them like crap and states that he mostly just beats them until unconsciousness, but if they piss him off enough or catch him on a bad day than he considers breaking bones, he also acts very recklessly & impulsively when he's like this.

Though he may act like this, he still is a very caring, humble and down to earth individual, he doesn't think he's the best at everything or above anyone else, he's very open minded about valid critism towards him, doesn't brag about his accomplishments and lastly, he is very kind, sweet and respectful towards girls/women he treats them with pure love & compassion especially his girlfriend who I'll introduce on a later date, he acts like this all the way up to 18 years old. At age 20, he improves in character a little bit, by that he mostly just changed a few things about himself, he doesn't act as aggressive when being Spider-Man prefering not to break bones of criminals and also giving lectures to them on why do they do what they do, trying to help them to stop what they're doing and making them into better people, so he has way more compassion to criminals now.

What's more, when he's Benjamin Parker he acts less depressed & serious, he is more chilled, confident, happy, funny, charismatic, really cool, intelligent, very wise and he's not so moody anymore, he is like a more positive version of his 16-18 year old self. If I had to summarize how he acts, he basically is more so like a character from a certain Anime/Manga Series called Naruto, he resembles Kakashi Hatake the most, in my opinion and he stays like this, up to his 30's and beyond.

Family: Father: Peter Parker (Deceased, when Ben is 14 years old), Mother: Mary Jane Parker (Alive), Grandparents/uncles/aunts from his Father's side (Deceased), Grandparents/uncles/aunts from his Mother's side (Deceased), Uncles: Kaine Parker & Ben Reilly (Both alive), Aunts: Teresa Parker & Gayle Watson-Byrnes (Both alive), Siblings: None. Cousins: May Reilly (Ben Reilly & Cindy Moon's daughter), Kevin & Tommy Byrnes (Gayle Watson-Byrnes's Son's).

Education: Has graduated High School by age 18, graduated ESU very quickly by age 20 with Master's Degree's in Mathematics, Physics, Biochemistry, Computer Science and Engineering. Occupation: At age 15 he became a Vigilante and only at 18 he became a full fledged Superhero, At 16 Mary Jane (Ben's Mom), finds him a job so that he can earn some money for the family, because after Peter died they were struggling financially, but now at least they will be doing decently and what is his occupation, a journalist at the Daily Bugle, MJ chose this job in particular so that Ben could meet the man who is basically Spider-Man's biggest fan J. Jonah Jameson. At age 20 Ben is accepted to work as a biochemistry scientist in the new & improved Horizon Labs with Max Modell as his Mentor & Good Friend, because Ben reminds him a lot of his Father Peter Parker.

Intelligence: Though not as smart as his Father, Ben is still consider to be a Genius Prodigy, he was able to build his own web shooters at the age of 13, was always at the top of his class, graduated University in just two years with FIVE Master's Degrees, invents most of his gadgets and equipment with resources that he had available to him and lastly has been complemented by many Extremely Smart people in the Marvel Universe. Religion: He is a Protestant just like his Father. Political Views: Conservatism, even though he was raised by two Classical Liberal parents, he found Conservatism to be more to his liking, at age 16 primarily and at age 18 he registered as a Republican. Hobbies: Reading books (like, history books, science books, philosophical books and adventure books), listening to music (like Jazz, Rock, Heavy Metal, EDM and Rap), dancing (like break dancing, jazz dancing, waltzes and free style dancing) and doing parkour (whether he is in costume or not, he loves doing parkour). Relationships/Marital Status: By age 16 has a girlfriend and at age 18 gets married to that same girlfriend.

Well, for now that's about it, I'll release more info on Ben later on, so be patient everyone, but give me your opinions on what do you think about him.

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