Am I the only one who feels like Tom Holland's Spider-Man is just Miles Morales...but painted as Peter Parker?

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Hello everyone,,

I just feel like the MCU Spider-Man isn't Peter Parker. He is "a" Peter Parker, but he definitely isn't the Peter Parker I think of in general. Ever since his introduction in Captain America: Civil War, he's been giving me heavy Miles Morales vibes. Am I the only one? It just feels like too much overlaps with Miles and there's not a whole lot of relation between him and the actual Peter Parker from the comics. Here are some things:

  • How fast he was thrusted into some super-hero related government crisis(The "Civil War" and the war that Miles joins not too long after his origin in the comics)

  • How fast he teamed up with the Avengers(In Miles case, the "Ultimates")

  • His general lack of direction and true, solid motivation, even up to the point he is at now(Uncle Ben seems to be non-existent and he never seemed to learn anything along the lines of the whole great responsibility thing. Any heroics he does, he just seems to do them for no deep reason or because he wants to prove himself to another hero)

  • His motivation turning from a vague, directionless urge to help others to simply trying to impress more ranked super heroes(Peter trying to impress Iron Man, Miles (mostly) trying to impress Captain America)

  • Hell, even "Ned Leeds" is a dead obvious spoof of the Ganke character

Don't get me wrong, I love Miles Morales, and I don't think the MCU incarnation of Spider-Man is bad at all, I just feel he lacks any characteristics of Peter Parker and feels a ton more like Miles Morales, but he's named Peter Parker.

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Nope, you're not. I saw the movie day one in theaters and walked out say "That was some Miles Morales whitewashed bullshit" or something around those lines. It's by far my least favorite Spider-Man movie and I view it as a bit of a joke. I can't ever take it seriously beyond Michael Keaton's Vulture.

Never once during Homecoming was I convinced or sold on the idea that Tom Holland is playing any incarnation of Peter Parker. Even currently, I'm not. He feels like a technology based spin-off of Spider-Man that was created to be aimed at an entirely different generation of Spider-Man fans.

I agree with the points you've made.

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Yeah, the similarities are painfully obvious at points.

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MCU draws heavily from Ultimate at points but not really a problem. I agree that this isn’t the main Peter, they are trying something new, which has some qualities of Peter, some Miles and new things they think a teenager would do. They didn’t want to rethread the origin.

- They got the license before doing Civil War, didn’t really plan to plug him in a goverment related problem (which is not very similar to what Miles did)

- Of course the biggest Marvel character is going to join their biggest money makers, the Avengers. Don’t see how this makes him Miles. Yes, in the comics Spider-Man didn’t join until New Avengers but why would MCU waste years?

- He doesn’t mention Uncle Ben every two minutes, must mean he doesn’t care about him or about helping others. Thought it was pretty clear he had the exact same origin as classic Peter and that’s why they didn’t show it.

- They added him in CW using Tony. MCU Tony’s whole character arc is becoming responsible. That’s why he is going to be involved. And MCU Peter is very young, probably grew up idolising Iron Man and Avengers. Just a different Peter, don’t see how this is Miles.

- Ned is hilarious imo, great Ganke. Other than this, don’t see the connection with Miles.

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Yeah, I agree. He's basically a white-washed Miles, and does a disservice to both characters.

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I think it's more of an environmental change rather than his personality.

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