Spider-Man Unlimited #1

    Spider-Man Unlimited » Spider-Man Unlimited #1 - Maximum Carnage, Part 1: Begins Here released by Marvel on May 1993.

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    Carnage Rising! (Maximum Carnage Part 1)

    Cletus Kasady is being transported to Ravencroft for experiments. Unknowingly, the doctor gets a blood sample from him realeasing his symbiote Carnage. Darnage proceeds to kill everyone in the hospital. He releases a girl who calls herself Shriek and they team up to commit murder. They come across what appears to be Spider-Man but it turns out to be his evil Doppelganger left over from the Infinity War. Shriek takes a liking to him and Carnage does not kill him. Carnage says he has to visit and old friend and leaves them behind.

    Peter Parker s currently at Harry Osbourne's funeral. He blames Harry's death on himself and agrees to quit being Spider-Man for a few weeks for Mary Jane. This is prematurely cancelled when he finds out about what happened at Ravencroft.

    On his way to investigate, Spider-Man is ambushed by Shriek and Doppelganger. He has his hands full with his evil twin and Shriek isn't making things any better. He knocks her out, enraging Doppelganger who kicks him off the rooftop, breaking his ribs. Doppelganger takes the unconscious Shriek to safety.

    Jonah Jameson has found out about Carnage's escape and is getting ready to eave the city when he finds himself face to face with Carnage in his office and Carnage wants him to help with his 'Venom Hunt.'


    Peter awakens to find himself greeted by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. He soon realizes he is 16 years old again. He wonders to himself if this is a villain tricking him, such as Mysterio, or was his whole life as Spider-Man a dream? In between he has other flashbacks of a battle in a construction zone as Spider-Man.

    Everyone keeps referring to his accident, which he is not aware of. He soon realizes it is the day after he was bitten by the radioactive spider. That night, a burglar breaks into their home and Peter knows what will happen. Even te foreknowledge of the events does not stop Uncle Ben from being shot and killed. Soon he understands that this was a flashback while he was regaining consciousness from the brick wall Scorpion knocked on top of him. These memories made him come to just in time.

    He battles the historic battle with Scorpion and defeats before waking up to find himself in the bedroom with Mary Jane.

    Long Way Down

    The vigilante Cardiac has cornered two men at a construction site he accuses of defective workmanship that caused an infant's death. He blames them for the kick backs they receive. He lets one fall to his death but the other man is saved by Code: Blue who launch a full attack on Cardiac. Unable to get to the other man in their protection, Cardiac flees the seen.


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