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    Series » Published by Marvel. Started in 2003.

    Young Peter Parker struggles to balance his average, teenage life with his superhero duties as Spider-Man. In this loose continuation of the acclaimed Spider-Man, Spidey faces off with new enemies and encounters a new crush. Will Spidey ever get a normal life?

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    Season 1 (13 Episodes)

    As previously stated in the description, Peter Parker is still trying to balance his hero life and normal life. The series takes place in the aftermath of the film, Spider-Man. Norman Osborn is dead in this series, thus making his best friend, Harry Osborn, having a vendetta against the web-head. Peter, Harry and MJ still attend Empire State University. All things were not going as he wanted when he has a sudden attraction to Indira Daimonji, an original character for the show. She serves as a foil to their relationship. Along the way, he fights KGB terrorists, a gadget using Robin Hood, a bird-themed thief, a brainiac kind of villain, sibling telepaths,a psychotic fan girl, a monstrous reptile, a manipulative mob-boss , a shocking electrician, a murderous hunter and assassins, including a magical sword wielding ninja, a fish-themed killer and a female trained professional.

    Season 2 (No Episodes)

    The final episode was forced to end in a cliffhanger due to low ratings. According to director, Brandon Vietti, Season 2 would have featured a master of illusions, an old bird brain and still the murderous hunter.


    Though ratings were low, it has received positive reviews because of it's dark tone and fresh take on the traditional web-head's adventures, including it's animation. On the contrary, some fans and critics question the use of original characters when there are numerous characters usable. It was nominated for two Annie Awards.


    This series was originally planned to be adaptations of Brian Michael Bendis's fan-favorite run of Ultimate Spider-Man. However, due to the success of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movie, the series plans was changed, making the continuation to the film. Bendis's run would be adapetd to Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man TV Series. The original artwork featured Ultimate counter-parts of a dumb muscleman, a scientific octopus and a bird-brain wannabe (this bird brain can possibly be the older version).

    In the episode, Mind Games: Part Two, Peter gave up his identity as Spider-man after his meeting with his enemies and the entire New York started to hate him. This event also happened the same time Spider-Man 2 was shown, where in he also started to retire as Spider-Man after believing he may not be meant to be Spider-man after all. Coincidence?

    Note: All episodes are arranged according to production not according to air date.


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