Spider-Man Robot

    Character » Spider-Man Robot appears in 11 issues.

    Spider-Man Robot was designed by Kang the Conqueror to defeat the Avengers.

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    At a point in the original Avenger's roster when Iron Man wasn't with them (he was fighting Mandarin at the time), Kang the Conquerer decided to attack the Avengers whilst they were one man down. To do this, he built a robot resembling Spider-Man, then sent it to the past. Since the Avengers thought he was the real Spider-Man, they thought he was telling them the truth when he told them that Iron Man was in a temple in Mexico. However, when they arrive there, Spider-Man narrowly defeated Giant-Man and the Wasp with webbing, managed to keep Thor's hammer out of his hand for a minute, and threw Captain America off a cliff. However, the real Spider-Man had detected the robot with his spider-sense, and followed him to the temple. He then managed to shut it down, and freed the Avengers.


    The Spider-man robot has access to all of Spider-man´s powers, however Kang the Conqueror may have raised these abilities .


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