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You Don't Look A Day Over "Been Dead For 5 Years", Baby


Peter is taken to the graves of MJ, Ben, and May by Doctor Octopus's "four sons", while Jameson discovers that there's more to Mayor Waters' assistant than meets the eye.


  • This issue did a great job of getting me excited to read the conclusion. It's full of tense action and a rousing ending that all points the reader towards issue 4. The plot really starts moving here after almost two issues of setup (good setup though) which is nice to finally see. I would have preferred that things really got moving a bit earlier, but it makes up for its late start by jetting towards the finish line in a way that has me pumped to read the conclusion.

  • We finally get the backstory behind MJ's death and Peter's superhero retirement. I won't discuss the exact details, but Peter blames Spider-Man for both killing Mary Jane and stealing the last few moments of her life they could have spent together. The story is fittingly dark and gloomy and, to me, seemed like a pretty justifiable reason for hanging up the costume.

  • The scenes with the venom symbiote rampaging through the city are incredible. They're exciting, frightening, and just plain awesome. It's a big part of why I was so excited to read the next issue. I couldn't wait to see how Andrews was going to top it.


  • While I didn't dislike the art in issue 2 as much as I did in 1, there are parts in this issue where the art is worse than anything in this series as of yet. I've gotten used to the style just fine, but there are parts that are almost completely indiscernible. The beginning with Doc Ock at the grave site is a particularly confused mess.


Wow, this has to be one of the most disturbing comics I've ever read. Not only is Mary Jane's corpse dug out of the ground, where Peter embraces it despite the fact that it's been decomposing for about 35 years according to the comic, but it's dug up by Doc Ock. Who's dead. And is only there because his "four sons", or tentacles, are carrying out his last wish to bring Spider-Man out of retirement. Ock's corpse is pretty much just along for the ride. Pretty disturbing if you ask me.


This issue really upped its game. It's sad, tense, and exciting all rolled up into one. A great lead-in to the conclusion.


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