Spider-Man: Reign #1

    Spider-Man: Reign » Spider-Man: Reign #1 - Book One released by Marvel on February 2007.

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    They finally did it. Kicked them to the curb. The 'capes and tights' crowd -- there's no place for them in the Big Apple anymore. Peter Parker? He can't even remember what it was like to don the red and blue and swing through the night sky. Doesn't want to, anyway. After all, there's nothing left to fight for, is there? That is until an old 'friend' appears on Peter's doorstep, bearing a package and a message -- and everything changes. If it's not Peter's responsibility, then whose is it?

    This is the city of New York 30 years later. The future is looking bleaker by the second, and it appears that New York is now an independent state, and although no 'super crime' has happened in over a decade, the government employs fascist methods to combat regular crime by using a new form of police, the merciless "Reign".

    We see an old Peter Parker, somewhere over fifty, who is standing in a flower shop, getting yelled at by a couple whom he had given the wrong flowers. They demand their money and back and after, the shop keeper fires Peter. He takes a bouquet of flowers when he gets fired and walk out without paying. The shop keeper yells as Peter walks out "That's coming out of your paycheck!" while Peter doesn't care, he is fired.

    The flowers are for Mary Jane, or rather her grave. But he never makes it to the graveyard as he is knocked over by a R.E.I.G.N. officer who was chasing two teenagers for drawing graffiti on a wall. The flowers are then stepped on by another R.E.I.G.N. officer, as Peter is lying in the mud, the officers laugh at him as he is weak, calling him "Just another old man."

    A news broadcast comes onto the television, with them showing the new W.E.B.B. system that will not let anyone into New York and anyone to get out of New York. It's the new plan of the mayor to keep the city safe from any criminals. There haven't been any superhuman activity in the city for over thirty years.

    Peter is inside his house, eating a meal, when suddenly he yells out at something that isn't there. It is obvious that the image of Mary Jane still haunts him, as he still sees her and speaks with her, but she never responds.

    On the street a very old man walks with a walker, yelling at the R.E.I.G.N. officers, calling them rejects and such.

    Peter is sleeping, seeing a dream of MJ kissing him on the bed, and wakes up, finding himself alone again. A bell rings and the old man with the walker shows up at his doorstep. The old man is J. Jonah Jameson. He starts talking with Peter on friendly terms, blabbering about the old newspaper staff. The Daily Bugle no longer exists, so he is out of work. He says he is very sorry for everything that he did to Peter's alter ego, but Peter closes his front door on him. JJ manages to leave a package though, and tells Peter to open it, while walking outside. Peter opens it, finding his old camera he use to work with for the Daily Bugle.

    Outside, JJ is wrecking someone's car with his walker, causing a small bit of chaos so a few R.E.I.G.N. officers ask him to go away. He responds by yelling at them to stand up and fight, knocking one officer in the face with his walker. He gets up and along with his partner, they start beating the old JJ.

    Peter is looking at his camera and finds that the fabric on it, is something that scares him. He drops the camera, then he hears screams from outside of JJ getting beat up.

    He appears before the officers, with his old Black Spider-Man mask, JJ's gift to him along with the camera. Peter jumps in and the officers try to take him down, calling him a little boy. Peter says that the mask thinks it's funny and its laughing. He takes the officers down with his old style and grace of Spider-Man, along with the trademark Spider humor. He kills one of the officers leaving the other to flee.

    After taking down the officers, JJ tells him that he needs Spider-Man to help him save the city. He asks Peter to put their past behind them and that they need each other's help. Peter doesn't say anything, but punches JJ in the face, knocking him out. Then he walks away.



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    Superhero Retirement Plans Really Suck, Apparently 0

    THE BASICSThere is no more Spider-Man. Peter Parker is old and retired, living in a New York City governed by the fascist Mayor Waters and policed by the brutal law enforcement group called "The Reign". How long can Peter stay retired under such conditions? MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI very much like Peter's narration of the story. The focus of his dialog is on nursery rhymes and how they're meant to turn children into adults, not lull them to sleep. Not only are the rhymes perfect representation...

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    Spider-man Reign 1 0

    How does one sum up a typical Spider-man story?  Some personal mess ups for Pete, including potential tragedies for his nearest and dearest, followed by a big fight with a bad guy, before returning to Pete's often downbeat personal life.  Despite the fact that things rarely go terribly well for Spidey, there's usually a lightness of touch about his book, making it accessible to all ages.But someone obviously hadn't told that to Kaare Andrews.  This is dark.  I mean, really dark.  You thought the...

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