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OTR #37: Memorable enough to want to forget.

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Writer: Joe Quesada, J. Michael Straczynski
 Pencil: Joe Quesada
 Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
 Colorists: Dean White, Richard Isanove
 Inker: Joe Quesada (Really?), Danny Miki
  Well demons and succubus’s…sess….ess…plural word for succubus . This is a special review for all of you and not just because im celebrating Marvel’s Fear Itself series that is coming out, where the gods have left and leaving earth in the pits of hell.. no this comic according to others reached the point of hell and back again. But before I get to the reviews here is what the people have to say.
Story: .5 out of 5.
Art: 4 out of 5.
Overall: 2.5 out of 5. Not worth picking up but if you want to see what everyone was pulling their hair out for I would say find some way to read it for free.

The Story

 Tony: "This changes nothing...."
     So we come to a join task force of JMS and Joe Quesada, this was the counter action to the decision to the idea that spider-man should have revealed his identity to the world. mainly this seemed to be a quick and easy plan to "Superman Punch" reality to change spider-man forever. The superman punch might be a pun for those fans out there who loved the Superman: Grounded series. 

    For those who have read the story know that this is the infamous series that made peter parker go from married super hero and clone wars survivor.. to just clone wars survivor and left many of us with a big question mark over our heads waiting for the second coming of our dear and fluffly lord to appear in front of us. but enough of my sunday evenings.

   To me this seemed like a reaction issue after Stan lee got involved after dealing with spider-man 3. in fact in a interview with moviereelz he had no idea spider-man had revealed his identity and aunt may was shot. the look on stans face when he learned about this news was priceless but why talk about it when i can show you.. to speed up time just go to 2:08 in to the video.   
   So it seems that Aunt may is getting worse and in the heat of a toby mcguire moment he goes very emotional to the point he starts attacking iron man to force him to help, Dr.Strange tries to help and with all his mystical power at his disposal, he can not thelp a frail old woman recover from a gun shot wound. just when things were supposed to get better they some how get worse. which to me just seems like the god like hands of the writers are blocking the air to aunt mays mouth just so they can force peter to make a deal with a certain devil like character who may or may not have powers over reality.

  In the end this volume seemed like a cheap and over dramatic cover with Joe Quesada's grubby paws written all over it. the story itself lacked consistency of the character and ret-conned about 20-30 years of continuity because Joe probably thought the character was stale and need to be revamped. I personally could have thought of a 1 better way to ret-con the marriage and make it work. so i give the story a .5 out of 5. just overall bad writing.

The Pretty Colours:

 Why do i feel like this kid butchers cats for fun...creepy.
 Why do i feel like this kid butchers cats for fun...creepy.
  I can't really say anything bad in this section as it is totally different from the first. I mean out of the list of talents Joe Quesada thinks he has, what i do know that he has is drawing. though i hate to say it. his pencil work is simple and it gets teh job done well enough to display the overall feeling of what he wants.

   The colors and inks a superb, though i think MJ's hair could be more red but thats just my taste. even in the day light the art feels so dark, even you know that the ending is going to be bad. but based on the cover alone we all knew this book was not about Aunt May. i mean come on.

   The art itself in contrast to the story seems like the art could have done a better job telling the story than the writers, at if there was no words i would prefer to infer my own ending to why she left him. (Eg: Mephisto made the trade to touch peters junk, and then altered reality, MJ leaves peter because mephisto touched his junk and was grossed out.) at least i found that idea more entertaining than this quick drivel the threw together and called it a plot.

  Overall the art in the volume does not deserve any flack, OUTSIDE the fact that it ties into the story. i mean the art seems pretty solid but its hard for it to take me away from what was written so i can't give it full marks even if i tried. so 4 out of 5 is giving the team much credit for good work. its a good team with a great style.

Overall Thoughts:

      This volume was something similar to seeing some guy take his sister to the dance, i mean the shock value would have you looking but in the end its just plain wrong. Joe Quesada did a dance with this spider-man, he written, drawn, directed, edited, starred, farted, etc.. putting his name all over this that how could anyone not be angry with him for this i mean come on joe, 3 strikes and your out.
 No peter, rather than accept the natural course of death. we have to put trust in the creepy man in red.
 No peter, rather than accept the natural course of death. we have to put trust in the creepy man in red.

     Despite the volumes slight....hiccup in story, joe manages to do one thing right and that is art, he knows how to paint a picture even if it means he can't tell a story. the colors and ink are superb and i commend the art team on a job well done. it would have been absolutely fantabalistic if they could have disguised this horrible story. im sorry but its really that bad. I still think JMS should have stuck to writing Ghostbuster episodes.

    So the issue in the end gets a 2.5 out of 5. this is a generous mark given to all who know my absolute loathing of Joe Quesada, and this was the primary issue that did it. there was a vlog done by Haydenclaireheroes that asked what you did with bad comics, here for this one was burned in a bonfire in summer of 2009, and i tell you the marshmallows had a distinct taste of anger and shame to them. well that was the special review and recap of ONE MORE DAY. now i suggest you find some way to read it and then forget about it.

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