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High Octane Nightmare Fuel

Color me impressed. Despite the promising start, I figured that this series would start to degrade as it went on. While there's still a chance for that to happen, it doesn't start with this issue. This issue was just great.

The story picks up where we left it last issue with Peter tagging along with Ben Urich, the Great Depression Tour Guide. Despite Urich's cynicism, Pete's righteous fury is starting to infect him. He slowly gets turned to Parker's way of thinking and begins to make changes in his life. Oh yeah, and Peter gets his spider powers here (in the most nightmare inducing way).

The art is a mixed bag again. It's better suited for atmospheric panels, which it does wonders with. But it doesn't work so well with action segments, unfortunately. Still, it doesn't detract much at all (if anything) from this stellar issue.

This is turning out to be a great, disturbing story and I'm loving every panel of it. The only thing I worry about now is that now that Peter has his powers and we're no doubt about to see some spider action, the art may get in the way of it. Hopefully that's not the case, though. As of this issue, this is a wonderful series.

Inconsequential, but spoilery, side note:

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