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Hardcore spidey. 0

This whole story line shines a whole new light on spiderman. This is like a combination between spiderman and batman in the 30's . I loved this book . my only complain would be too short. Thats what sequels are for tho.  The writers really made the characters work for the time period. The storyline was crazy, but it really does tell what spider man's world would be like  in the 30's. his villains,costume,life, everything is BA. next time your in a comic store pick it up I highly recommend it.   ...

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It's past your bedtime, kid. 0

Spider-man Noir is the latest in the Spider-man universes and is perhaps the darkest and grittiest of them all.  It gives a complete spin in the story of the life of young Peter Parker and is absolutely a breath of fresh air from the corny-comical antics of the Spider-man we know and love.  The story is set in 1933 New York, four years after Wall Street crashed and the Great Depression has just began.  We see young, idealistic Peter trying to make sense of the world around him with the death of ...

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As The Color Fades, So Does Joy 0

Spider-Man stories have ranged from light hearted romps to dark and gruesome tales to just about everything in between. Given that this series is a noir tale, I expected that it would lean towards the darker end of the spectrum, but not nearly as much as it did. The creative team didn't hold back as they re-imagined all of Spidey's normally colorful cast of characters and origins. (Uncle Ben's death is particularly disturbing.)As far as story is concerned, this isn't anything new. Powerful gangs...

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