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Written by Dan Slott and drawn by John Romita Jr.

Norman Osborn finally sets his target on Spider-Man since Brand New Day started. Spider-Man faces off against the Thunderbolts and meets a new character, Anti-Venom.

During the course of the One More Day storyline, which ended with the retcon of the previous two decades of Spider-Man continuity, the situation changes so that Norman's son, Harry, is revealed to be alive once more and no one (including Norman) knows Spider-Man's secret identity.

In this story, Mayoral candidate Randall Crowne, who was accused of running an illegal sweatshop by the Front Line, asks Norman's help in insuring his victory. But in return, Norman asks Crowne to use his contacts to arrange for the Thunderbolts to come to New York and hunt Spider-Man. First, he sent the team after the man who takes pictures of his long-time foe...Peter Parker. The Thunderbolts attacked Peter and attempt to force him into telling them where Spider-Man is. After he refused to co-operate, they ruined his appartment and left him with a warning. Norman also checked on his son Harry, who has bought the Coffee Bean, hoping to make it into a franchise, but this did not impress Norman at all.

Eventually, the Thunderbolts engaged Spider-Man and Eddie Brock got involved and has become Anti-Venom. As Norman watches the battle between Venom, Anti-Venom and Spider-Man, he is attacked and threatened by the new goblin, Menace, who tells him to stop interfering in politics and leave town, but Norman tells him that he's only interested in Spider-Man, angering Menace further, but Osborn defeated Menace by using a self-destruct mechanism on Menace's glider, which originally belonged to Osborn. After the battle which ended with the Venom symbiote badl injured, Osborn noticed Peter's camera, and re-engineered its homing device, allowing him to track Spider-Man's movement and location. He used this programming to form a special kind of tracer-bullets that only hits Spider-Man. He sent Bullseye and a group of Thunderbolts soldiers to capture the Wall Crawler but they failed.

Osborn also cured Gargan and his symbiote by building him a new special Scorpion suit armed with a very powerful poison able to kill Anti-Venom, derived from the villain Freak. When Spidey and Anti-Venom made their way to Oscorp, Gargan attacked and the poison proved to be effective against Anti-Venom, temporarily defeating him. As Spider-Man made his way to the main office, Osborn was now wearing his Green Goblin costume and ready to fight Spider-Man. A fight ensued with Spidey having the upper edge but stopped himself from finishing Norman off when the Goblin revealed that he had people hooked up to machines. As Spidey rushed to save those people, Osborn used the building's self-destruct mechanism. As the building crumbled, Spidey saved the people and Norman managed to escape. He was then seen giving a public speech and was still seen as a hero to the public.

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