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How would it have been if Spiderman had been an Indian? A completely revised origin of the original Spiderman, based on Indian mythology. A superb series with great artwork.

Pavitr Prabhakar, a poor village boy, comes with uncle Bhim and aunt Maya to Mumbai for further studies. His guardians insist on his studies inspite of their financial hardships. Pavitr is teased by other students at school, for his dressing sense and other matters. Only one girl, Meera Jain, has feelings for him. His uncle tells him that "with great power comes great responsibility".

A buisness tycoon and crime-lord, Nalin Oberoi, plans to use a mystic amulet to open a gateway to bring powerful demons onto Earth. He performs a ritual and himself gets possessed by a "rakshash", a powerful demon.

Pavitr encounters a yogi, who tells him about the imminent dangers of Earth and his power to protect it. The yogi gifts him the "power of the spider" to fight evil. Pavitr is ecstatic with his new abilities and ignores a woman's cry for help. His indifference takes the life of his beloved uncle. Thus Pavitr vows to fight evil with his life.

Nalin Oberoi transforms his doctor into a demonic "Doctor Octopus" and sends him to kill the new Spiderman. A battle ensues and Octopus fails. Spiderman is identified as a threat on the newspapers.

Nalin kidnaps Maya and refuses to give back Octopus his humanity. He blasts Octopus with a ray and betrays him. Nalin takes Maya and Meera to a refinery, which has become a portal from the demons' dimension. Spiderman goes to their rescue. He tries to save them both but fails to catch Meera. To their surprise, Doctor Octopus saves her from falling into the fire. Octopus renews his attack on Nalin but this time, Nalin finishes him.

Spiderman reveals his secret to Meera and goes to fight Nalin. Nalin tries bring out Spiderman's dark side with the amulet, but Pavitr remembers his uncle's words and fights his dark side. He wins eventually, which causes Nalin to get separated from his demon. The portal closes and the Earth is free from danger. Pavitr comes back and celebrates Dewali with his aunt.

Next day, Spiderman is designated as a hero in the newspapers.


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