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The mad Baroness has her hands on the most destructive force in the Marvel Universe: The Cassidy Crystals! Spider-Man must prevent the deployment of a weapon that induces nightmarish terror. Find out why the only thing we have to fear…is fear itself!

Back Blurb

The Cassidy Crystals were developed to benefit mankind. Buit something went wrong. Terribly wrong. Instead of couring irrational fears, the crystals induce them...with deadly results!

Now, the crystals have fallen into the clutches of a mysterious madwoman, the Baroness, who has dark secrets that go back to the beginning of the Marvel Universe!

The Baroness is determined to let loose the Crystals' deadly vapors on the unsuspecting world at large in order to take it over!

And the only thing standing in her way is the amazing Spider-Man and Marvel's latest adventuring sensation, Silver Sable. But will even their combined might be enough against the Baroness and her lethal forces -- especially the deadly invisible warrior, the White Ninja?!

Join Spider-Man as he learns that the one true thing to fear is...Fear Itself!

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