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The new Silver Society has had enough interference from the F.F. and Spider-Man, and The Imperator unleashes some strong deterrents in response. While Reed Richards searches the galaxy for answers, our heroes find the situation so dire they have to make a deal with the devil — or worse, Doctor Doom!

With the arrival of the giant bugs, the Fantastic Four (with Spider-Man replacing Mr. Fantastic), prepare to take them on. Sue decides to go to the Baxter Building to makes sure Franklin, Valeria, and Alicia are safe. Ben is happy to have something to hit finally. One of the bugs sends out a shockwave that knocks them off their feet. Spider-Man is bummed that his "4" chest-piece is broken already. Johnny jokes that he shouldn't worry since it's the one that they let Franklin play with. Another bug spits out some green goo at them which Spider-Man manages to dodge. Johnny turns up the heat which causes it to harden. This allows Ben to smash out of the hardened goo. Just as he gets free, he is knocked off his feet by another bug. Spider-Man webs him to keep him from falling off the building. He pulls him back so he can land on one of the bugs. The first one is about to blast them again when Johnny fires some flames at it. Now it's Spidey's turn to get gooed.

Back at the Baxter Building, Sue discovers that the bugs are also attacking the mountains of Transia. She's not sure why until she remembers that the High Evolutionary lives there. She tries to contact him to see if he could help but there is no answer from him or his Beast Men. She decides that it would be best if they went there in person.

The fight continues as the Human Torch, Thing, and Spider-Man all find themselves falling over the edge of the building with a giant bug. They try to climb to the top of the bug before they land. There is a big BOOM with a cloud of dust upon impact. The three heroes were saved by Sue in a Fantiscar right before impact. Ben tries telling her they were winning but she says that the aliens have already won. They need to save the planet. They are now on their way to Wundagore Mountain.

On top of the mountain, the Knights of Wundagore are fighting some alien converted humans. The Fantastic Four help them at the cost of losing the Fantasicar. With the invaders defeated, they enter the home of the High Evolutionary. He is not there but has left a device that may be of help. The Knights are unsure how to use it. They turn to Spider-Man for his scientific knowledge. He jokes about how to turn it on but has another idea that Ben and Johnny don't like. Since they are so close to Latveria, Spider-Man thought they should seek Dr. Doom's help in saving the world.

In Latveria, Dr. Doom is blasting away at the aliens. When he sees the Fantastic Four arrive, he assumes they are trying to attack him when he is busy. They quickly subdue him and explain that they are trying to defeat the aliens. When it's mentioned that even Reed wasn't sure how to stop the aliens, this is all Doom needs to hear to motivate him to solve the problem.

Doom analyzes the Evolutionary's device and is impressed with its simplicity. He puts the device in a rifle-like housing that can be used to fight the aliens. He will attempt to duplicate the device on a larger scale so that it can be used with his satellites on a larger scale. He states that his reasons for helping is because he does not believe the world's destiny should be decided by aliens but rather himself.

Reed continues his search throughout space to find an answer to save Earth. The Fantastic Four track down the Imperator as he is in the process of converting more humans. They use their device to stop the change. The Imperator is shocked that the process has been stopped. He says they do not realize what is at stake. He readies to set of a defense protocol. Ben tells Spider-Man to get ready because something is about to happen. Sue sees that something has already happened. Spider-Man is bent over having vomited something strange...

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