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Was it a Spiderman movie, or was it just for fun

Hearing that Spiderman 3 was coming out was probably one of the most exciting times that I can remember, like everybody else, who was going to be the villain. I honestly wasn't kinda excited when I thought it was just the Sandman, because he wasn't Spidermans top 5 villains, infact, he was more like between a goodguy and a badguy. But when I heard Venom was coming out, holy crap, I was so excited that I nearly S*** pants when I found out it wasn't a rumor, but a fact.  
I was like Venom, oh s*** im going to see Venom, hell yeah im going to finally see Venom. 
Believe or not, I even wore my Venom T-shirt when I saw the movie.  
But when I found myself leaving the theater, boy,was I disappointed. Out of all the three Spiderman movies, this was probably the worst. Sam Riami made Spiderman movies go from being awesome as hell to a final film that mostly contained inside humor and jokes that either I thought wasn't funny or that I never understood. 


Good part of this whole movie for me was the Sandman 
-Effects of the Sandman was out-f***ing standing, really brought out the character. 
-Sandman, I loved his character, as suprising as it was for me, that the best character in the whole movie was the one I thought would be the worst. Good acting, moving, sad, and easily understanding. 
-Fight scene between Sandman and Spiderman, not as good as the fight scene on the train in Spiderman 2, but it was really good to watch. 


-The darker version of Peter Parker, why would Peter Parker act like a prick and care about his hair? In the comics he was more violent and aggressive. 
- Inside humor, I know, I know its a fact that some of the funny moments in the movie was an inside joke between the actors, director, and crew. 
-Green Goblin, doesn't look anything like the Green Goblin we knew, that was upsetting.
- Last but not least, Venom. Weak, skinny, poor looking Venom. No not as cool like you see him in the comics, just weak, soft, and G-rated. Venom in this movie would be perfect for a badguy in a Disney movie to be honest. 
Yeah, there were some flaws and disappointments, but it was still the Spiderman movie that we expected it to be ( besides Venom ). Anyways, Its pretty good, not the best, but good enough to watch again.

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