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so, I'm playing the new spider man game, and flipped though some old 2099 issues. Got me thinking, Marvel should relaunch the series. Why not?  That would be quite epic.  put Bendis on it. Just 2099 Spider Man, lets not get carried away with the other 2099 titles. I would buy it, would you guys?

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I'd buy it.

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I'd buy it. I have to support my Latino characters you know

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@Mr. Dead Pool said:
" I'd buy it. "
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Yes, my money would be down for that.

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The Shattered Dimensions game will probably give him more popularity, that's for sure.

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Only thing I liked about the 2099 version was the costume.

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The only problem i have is what kind of villians would he fight, would he fight his old ones or bring in fresh evil?
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Hey I have a question dose Spider-Man 2099 come from the future of the 616 universe or a alternate universe ?

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@otaconmgs: that is a good question I think 2099 Spider-Man did do crossovers with 616 Spider-Man. But on marvel database on SM 2099 page it says he is from universe 928.

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Marvel already has Peter David writing mucho scripts for the Secret Wars "event". 2099 gives David more control over the book, too, which he likes to have in his other spin-off novels. Marvel very well might try another ongoing with this series and David very well might agree to write it, or David might pitch and Marvel might accept. I'd be glad for it.

What I want to know is, can they get Rick Leonardi back to draw it? How many of the crew can they get to do it?

Check out this heat from the O.G. book, especially the details like the wind-whipped hair of the occupants of the vehicle in the very bottom of the splash, and tell me this same team couldn't make this book happen in the weird world of 2015:

No Caption Provided

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@otaconmgs: well I did some digging and. While it has been confirmed to be a possible future version of Earth-616, the mainstream Marvel Universe, the 2099 universe has been officially designated as Earth-928 and alternatively dubbed as Earth-616 circa 2099.


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