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While on their way back from Mexico, Miguel and Xina discover that a new player has taken control of the United States…and his name is President Doom! Meanwhile, Dana gets on the wrong side of a mysterious intruder.

Miguel's trip to Mexico City for the Day of the Dead festival ended on a positive note with the zombies returning to their graves, a new Strange friendship made, and some quality time had between brothers. Mig and Xina head back home to the U.S. - which has been overtaken in by a man named DOOM!


Miguel and Xina drive home from their Mexico City adventure. As they make their way through a barren desert. Miguel talks about his defensible cause for paranoia. While Xina tries to put a positive spin on the craziness around them, two federal officers of Doom hijack Miguel out of the convertible and onto a hovercar destined for the Washington D.C. to see his buddy, Tyler Stone.

In an apartment across from the White House, Dana talks to a Tyler over a holo- phone. She's punched from behind and knocked out.

Tyler meets Doom in the Oval Office. Doom makes clear his expectations of loyalty from Stone.

Gabe and Kasey have returned from Mexico and are back Downtown. When two Fenris gang members try to mug Gabe, Kasey expects him to turn into Spider-Man. Watchdog soldiers come to the rescue, and Kasey is confused.

Miguel storms the Oval Office expecting Stone, but finds Doom instead. Despite the power of the man before him, Mig still manages to demonstrate his wit and sarcasm. His droll attitude and confidence apparently impress doom. He informs Mig that Tyler Stone is now the Corporate Minister, leaving a vacancy at Alchemax. Tyler wants Mig to replace him.

Across the street, Dana is bound and gagged. Her kidnapper closes the door and takes a gun.

Spider-Man afterwards has a roof top laugh about the thought of taking over for Tyler as Vice President of Research and Development. He told Doom hed think about it. He spots Spiderites, followers of Spider-Man, protesting Doom down below. When federal Watchdog soldiers get too rough, Spidey starts to swing some punches. Doom arrives and offers the Spiderites a license to peacefully protest during specified hours. He offers Spider-Man a cabinet position as Minister of Supernormal Affairs. Doom asks him to think about it.

Gabriel is fed up with Kasey. He yells at her inability to accept that hes not Spider-Man. It looks like it finally sunk in, but she concludes hes trying to throw her off track.

Tyler Stone returns to the apartment to see Dana. He notices the security locks werent activated on the front door. Dana doesn't answer him. Two shots are fired at him, and Tyler is left on the floor bleeding to death while Conchata stands over him saying rot in hell.

Young Miguel O'Hara

Miguel and Xina eavesdrop while Tyler and Angela meet to discuss Krons fate. Miguel is skeptical that Angela will be able to expel Kron. Tyler demands that his son remains, as its the best environment found for him thus far. Angela insists her school is not a reformatory, and that the executive board have expelled Kron. A call comes in to Angela from Mr. Herod, Tylers father-in-law. Tyler storms out threatening that Angela has made a fatal error.


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What seemed like another self-contained story turned into a significant event in the 2099 timeline. Conchata's actions at the end of the story has been the culmination of her threats and craziness to take care of her family. She's no Aunt May! Between the shock ending and Miguel being offered Stone's VP position at Alchemax, it looks like Spidey 2099 is in for some much needed invigoration of the main plotlines. We'll see how things develop over the next few issues.The new art team of Wildman an...

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