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Before I was complaining that Spidey 2099 was stuck with Spidey facing similar villains in the city, without exploring the world of 2099. Now that he is...I'm still not overly excited. The only sign this story is taking place in the future is the flying car that carries Strange to Mexico City. Still, I'm glad for the change of pace. Artists du jour Robinson and Palmiotti did a fair enough job with nice layouts, shadows, and details. Nothing breathtaking, but on the money. I like the cover art. I also like that Peter David remembered that Miguel has sensitive eyes after his transformation.

An average story deserves an average 3 stars.

Young Miguel O'Hara

Young Miguel in "Hitting the Road" can hit the road as far as I'm concerned. At least the plot progressed forward a bit. Watch Miggy's hair change from light brown, to reddish brown, to blonde over the course of 6 pages!

Blech! One star.

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