Spider-Man #16

    Spider-Man » Spider-Man #16 - Sabotage X-Over, Part 1 released by Marvel on November 1991.

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    Spider-Man teams with X-Force to battle with Juggernaut while Cable tries to find Black Tom Cassidy. Gideon tries to pick a fight.

    Story concludes in X-Force #4.

    Note: This issue was presented as a special sideways issue. It was also the last issue Tom McFarlane did on this title.


    On his way to the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man happens by the World Trade Center to see two things: One of the towers explodes and the Juggernaut is fighting Warpath from X-Force. Warpath is quickly joined by Shatterstar and Feral and the three of them charge. Before they can make good on their attack, Cannonball zooms in and attempts to blast through the Juggernaut. Being immovable, Cannonball bounces right off and Spider-Man catches him before smacking into a building. With all the lack of leadership, Spider-Man can't help but wonder when Cable is.

    Cable, it seems, is pulling himself from the wreckage up high. He, Siryn, Domino, Gideon, and Sunspot were able to be shielded from the blast. Cable directs people to either go down and help Warpath with the Juggernaut, help rescue trapped businessmen, or aid in finding Black Tom.

    Down below, the X-Force trio tries their best to impede the Juggernaut. Once Spider-Man gets Cannonball to the ground, he walks over and proposes to fight the Juggernaut.

    Gideon doesn't like Cable's bravado. The two men clash over ideals until Cable stalks away to actually do something.

    Back below, Spider-Man distracts the Juggernaut long enough for Warpath to push the big guy over. This does not please the Juggernaut and he vows to start treating the little heroes a little more severely. Just then, Boomer decides to land the X-Force aircraft in the middle of the fight. She emerges from the ship and complains that she got left with the boring job. The Juggernaut takes the distraction to his advantage and starts to wipe the floor with X-Force.

    Back up top, Cable is finally heading out to find Black Tom while Gideon and Sunspot are to look for survivors of the blast.

    Having now joined the fight, Boomer attempts to time bomb the Juggernaut into oblivion. Shatterstar grows weary of all their failed attempts to subdue the giant and rams his sword into the Juggernaut's eye. He's upset, but the magic that courses through his veins quickly heals him. He then goes on a rampage and charges into a building. It falls over. In the wreckage, Spider-Man informs X-Force that it's his turn to take the reins.



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    As an X-Force fan, it's incredibly refreshing to see a different artist's take on my characters. Todd McFarlane has an incredible style. Each page is a brilliant flash of color to compliment the very different depictions of the characters. Reading later New Mutants and original X-Force books gets a bit tedious after a while because, while Liefeld had a style that was all his own, the art could get stale. Everybody looks like they are going to lop off a head with Liefeld. McFarlane, however, puts...

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