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Spider Island: Deadly Hands Of Kung-Fu #2

Part Two: The Web Of Deceit Summary Shang-Chi wakes up from a nightmare and banters back and forth with Silver Sable. Silver Sable directs Shang-Chi to a house in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan. Shang-Chi enters the House and dodges a giant blade that turns out to not exist. Shang-Chi finds the room that the Bride Of Nine Spiders is hiding in and they fight. Bride Of Nine Spiders dominates the fight until Iron Fist comes in and evens up the odds and together they defeat Bride Of Nine Spiders. Shang-Chi keels over in pain and Iron Fist confronts Ai Apaec. In Conclusion, Iron Fist realizes he's outmatched but then Shang-Chi regains consciousness and suddenly has six arms. Review Cover-***** Writing-*** Art-** Story-**** Total-7.0/10

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