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Deadly Foes is front-loaded with all the goodness and quality. No offense to Van Lente and Oosterveer, but the narrative and art was stronger in the Slott/Gage Camuncoli half of the book.

Hobgoblin's plot is more cohesive and fun than The Jackal's. Phil Urich's tale about making your own luck happen as he manipulates the situation (surely not as well as he'd like, but it works out anyway) to his advantage with Norah. Slott/Gage write him expertly with his inability to cope with failure and his total psychosis and I'm excited to see what Paul Tobin does with him in the Spider-Girl mini.

The Jackal section is more explanation of how he gathered up his fores for Spider-Island, but with no real resolution. Jackal's dialogue seems forced and the art is a little uneven. It doesn't kill the book, but I could see people being unsatisfied with spending $5 on something so uneven.

It was definitely enjoyable for the Hobgoblin alone, but if you're on a strict budget it might be better to just borrow from a friend.

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