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It's Over...

The art of these covers have continued to be amazing and it's no exception here.  Very fitting and very cool, though I wish Red Hulk was in the cover somewhere... though with the setting, I can see why he's not. 
The Good: 
The finale, as other reviewers have pointed out, was very much straight forward and it wasn't altogether bad.  I did feel that it was rushed a little bit, but that's obviously because Tobin has to wrap everything up.  At least that's taken care of and we're not left with a series being cancelled in the middle of a story arc like other series have done.  I guess we have to count our blessings when we get them.  It's also nice to see that Spider-Girl's fate isn't comic book limbo unlike the alternate reality laddie, as she is getting a new mini-series tying into Spider-Island. 
The Bad: 
Her powers coming back should have happened much much sooner in the series.  In addition, we're not very clear about whether this powers just appeared out of nowhere, or whether they are as a result of Spider-Island.  Which brings this question?  What will be the fate of her powers at the end of Spider-Island?  I can only assume that one of the solutions is that Spider-Man will probably have to figure out a way to eliminate all the powers that are plaguing the city so that only him has the spider-like powers.  If this is the case, then what does that really mean for Spider-Girl?  Will she just lose her powers again?  Also, more in relevance to the actual issue, the reveal with Raven was just kind of silly to me.  
It was a nice finale but it felt immensely rushed.  Thankfully, we get a lot of resolution of the events that have happened in the series, so we're at least given temporary closure.  I'm wondering what they're doing with her character in the future and how it will tie into Spider-Island- both during and after.  Hopefully, I'm not disappointed and she gets to keep her powers. 

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