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Spider-Girl goes head-to-head with NOVA!

Main Story

Moose Mansfield has been bullying Jimmy Yama for quite sometime. Jimmy is tired and wants a fight. Moose agrees readily. The girls discuss about the topic. May Parker explodes upon hearing about the fight, but Jimmy casually denies the event. May is relieved. But at the end of the day, she hears it again. Moose and Jimmy have gone to the park to have a fight.

As May does not have her standard Spidergirl suit, she puts a black mask on her face and goes roof-hopping. She does not make much distance however. Darkdevil intercepts her. Darkdevil takes her for a cat-burglar. May can see that he is positively lying, for she recognizes the sarcasm in his voice. She efforts in vain to make him understand the truth. She hits him and he falls down.

May is relieved but only temporaily. Darkdevil has made public their fight.

Nova is flying overhead when he sees the event. He streaks down to attack Spidergirl because he genuinely does not recognize her. May knows that Darkdevil set her up on purpose. She tries to dodge Nova's attack but his super-speed makes it near impossible. So she tricks him into crashing into a building. Nova ducks at the last instant and May takes her chance to go into hiding. Nova searches for her but goes away when he sees a building in flames.

Darkdevil comes out and tells May that there can be no part-time superhero job. Either May should be wholly Spidergirl or she should just quit. With that he takes his leave.

Moose provokes Jimmy into attacking him. Jimmy lands a blow on Moose's adam's apple, which leads to his hospitalization. May arrives but she is too late. She can do nothing but console Jimmy.

Backup Story

May has gone up into the attic to search for her Spider-suit. She is caught when Mary Jane comes into the room. May makes an effort to deny, but Mary Jane knows the truth.

Jane starts with Peter's life as Spider-man. She tells May how Peter was ecstatic when he first got his powers. But fate had other plans for him. A man murdered his uncle Ben and Peter realized that "with great power comes great responsibility". It was hard being Spiderman. Peter missed normal life with friends and family. He kepy quitting, only to resume his job as Spiderman a few days after.

But his last fight was with the dreaded Green Goblin. The Goblin destroyed Peter's right leg, making him handicapped. Reed Richards designed a bionic leg, but Peter gave up. He understood his duty as a father to the new-born May and quit being Spider-man.

Mary says that they have raised May the best way they could. She gives May the Spider-suit and says that time has come that May realizes what is best for her.



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Story Arcs

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