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New Artist... Please

Always pretty cool.  I really liked the last cover of this series and I'm glad it's the same style.  There's something about women feuding in mid air that is just awesome. 
The Good: 
The flow of this story, even though there's a lot, and I mean, a lot  of talking, is much better than previous tales.  I'm wondering who this new character is introduced mid issue is and I am also really interested in what's ahead for Spider-Girl.   The shining portion of this issue is definitely the story, much better written and with much better pace than what we've seen previously.
The Bad: 
My main problem with this issue is the art.  I just can't get past it, no matter how hard I try.  My other main problem is a little bit with the series itself.  It is all over the place.  This series is suffering from the same dilemma X-23 is suffering... a great selection of stories that aren't really interconnected.  I know that ongoings have several mini arcs within them, but at least for past issues, and with this issue in particular, I just cannot tell where it's headed.  There's an obvious adversary in the horizon, but for what reason?  It looks like she's just fighting so many opponents from Spider-Man's rogue gallery and it's just kind of frustrating.  The best attempt at her own villain is Speedball and that's pretty pathetic.  Give me someone brutal, but definitely someone original.  Maybe that new character or the creepy neighbor may play a role in that.  
It has definitely peaked my interest and I will be purchasing the next issue to see how that all pans out.  I'm still disappointed that we haven't seen Spider-Girl's own villain, but we're still only five issues in.  Hopefully the future tells us different.  Sadly, I have heard that this series may have been cancelled; let's just hope it's not confirmed and that it continues to sell.  I really want this Spider-Girl to do much, much better.   

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