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Still with her father in his prime Spidey era, Spider-Girl finds herself against SLAYERS, SPIDERS, AND TORCHES.

In the previous issue, Spidergirl was zapped into the past while trying to prevent the villain Spyral from returning to his home dimension. As to what happened next was auful for her. She had to battle the original Spiderman and still failed to prove her innocence. She managed to sleep in the girls' lockers of Midtown High. And she got attacked by Jameson's new Spider-Slayer robot.

Now, May is leaping from rooftop to rooftop in order to evade the Spider-Slayers tentacles. She barely manages to duck out and get some distance when the machine suddenly stops.

Jameson, who is controlling the robot, observes Spidergirl. He thinks of her as Spiderman and says that he has got some wild ideas about costume selection.

May runs into the Human Torch on her way to the Parker Residence. The Human torch quickly realises that this Spider-person isn't the one he is familiar with and resorts to methods of containing her. Spidergirl manages to evade him and ducks into a nearby high-rise. She changes back to May Parker and heads for the Parker Residence. There she meets young Mary Jane, who would one day grow up to be her mom, and a few other girls. She tellsMary Jane that she and her mother share the same shopping tastes. With that, May takes her leave.

May is circling the building wher she first appeared with Spyral. But she is interrupted when Spiderman notices her and pulls her with him. May manages to outwit him but doesn't escape. Johnny Storm reappears on the scene. Now May has a hard time escaping two of the greatest heroes-her heroes! The most ironic part is that she can't prove her innocence. That is until a familiar green portal marks the arrival of Spyral. Spyral is waiting for her to go back with him into her proper timeline. She pleads to the two heroes to let her go. Johnny doesn't believe her but Spiderman interrupts him to help her. May thanks him and calls him "dad". With that, she disappears into the portal with Spyral. They appear in the proper timeline and May clobbers Spyral before he can make his getaway.

May comes home in a cheerful mood. She spots Mary Jane and invites her to go shopping together. Peter enters the scene and recieves a big hug from his daughter. They are both puzzled, while May whistles away to her room.



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