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Spider-Girl travels back in time and meets the one that started it all, The Spectacular Spider-Man!

Spider-Girl is stopping a carjacking by Charlie and his gang, as her father, the former Spider-Man watches on. She easily dispatches three of them, and her father interferes with the last, much to her anger. He still does not trust her in handling them all, and She is apprehensive about it.

At school, Brad, Davida, and Courtney are concerned for Brad after he beast Moose, and they want May to talk to him, as he likes her. She agrees, and as she goes to talk to him, Moose and Brad almost get in a fight and Courtney stops Moose, who seems to like her.

On her free lunch hour, Spider-Girl spots Psi-Lord of the Fantastic Five and goes to talk to him. He tells her that Spyral is back loose, and that she should stay away from him. She is offended, and takes it upon herself to find him. Spotting him near an exploding warehouse, she tackles him into some dimensional portal, transporting him and her into another time.

She arrives in her father's time, and even watches as Spider-Man, her father, gives her a tour of the school. She encounters Liz Allen, who is jealous of her, Flash Thompson, who she doesn't like, and others. After parting ways with him, she follows him and he attacks her because he thinks she is a poser. When a woman is being robbed, Spider-Man aids her while Mayday flees.

May sleeps in the girls locker room of Midtown High, and wakes up. She visits Aunt May, saying she wants to visit with Peter. Her and May have a nice discussion, and Mayday just wanted to see her. She encourages her to set Peter up with Mary Jane.

Mayday leaves and is assaulted by the Spider-Slayer, as J. Jonah Jameson thinks she is Spider-Man.


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